Saturday, March 6, 2021

Can You Spell ...

I have discovered that a restless night results in a day with minimal activity on my part. Yesterday was such a day. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day. A bit chilly, but nice enough to be outside.

I tried to get some stuff done. I swept the front porch and was exhausted from my efforts. I had big plans to bathe the dogs and do some garden beds before cooking dinner. Instead I had a nap of sorts. Couldn't fall asleep, but I did lay down with my short legged dogs. I left HeWho with Bo and Toni Louise ... Toni could care less where I am when he is around. Bo, on the other hand began whining for me. Not loud, but I could hear him so I got up.

Bo was so happy to have me with him. He went out, then settled on my shoulders for a nap. I managed to cook a meal and the rest of the evening was just waiting for bedtime. I was in bed by 9 and slept pretty well last night.

I have already cleaned the kitchen and planted some seeds inside, made the bed and cleaned the bathroom. Now I am acting as a bed/playground for Mr. BoJangles as he climbs all over me. From my shoulders to my toes he climbs and sniffs. Stopping from time to time to watch the words appear on the screen. I have finally trained him to not walk on the keyboard. Wish I could train him not to give my lips a taste. I have trained my self to keep my mouth closed tightly when he is around to keep his tongue from exploring. His whiskers tickle my cheek as he watches me type. He is getting settled and soon he will fall asleep and I can gently move his little self to nestle among his siblings.

I know I could simply get up and go about my business, but I like the sweet warm weight of his slumbering body draped over my shoulder. Like having a sleeping baby on me. So peaceful. Until my neck cramps, that is.

In my down time I have been searching for property with a view of the mountains. My email alerts me every day with sites to check out. My RV remains stationary, waiting for the elusive part that has been on order for far too long, but I will have a nice list of contenders to see by the time we will be mobile.

Tennessee or South Carolina is our goal. Both have higher elevations and some interesting options for us to check out. Trulia has been sending the email alerts and I have noticed a trend in the descriptions. I amuse myself by correcting the grammar and spelling. I just looked at a home with a "mettle" roof on a "quite" street. Who proof reads this stuff?

Some of the properties I have looked at have structures on them, some are just land ready for development. I tend to lean towards the ones with living quarters already existing, since that means the utilities are there already. The ones with questionable buildings in disrepair are actually lower priced than raw land. Mobile homes seem to be the preferred structures, so I then have to check out the surrounding area for a look at the neighborhood and the crime in that area. As you can imagine, this eliminates quite a few offerings.

I wouldn't mind a fixer-upper. We can live in the motor home indefinitely. I just want a piece of dirt that I can garden. We can put a pole barn up to shelter the RV and a fence for my dogs and go from there. Mr. BoJangles is now dead weight, fully asleep and I can ease him down. 

I can keep my mouth closed, but my nose has suffered exploration and I am off to wash my face and head out to address the back yard and ready it to be mowed in the near future.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Every body does function better when well rested, well this body does...........

River said...

I trawl around real estate sites too, but mostly to see the gardens and how the inside of the house is decorated. I'm getting very tired of seeing interiors so blindingly white I wouldn't dare step foot inside for fear of leaving a mark. Apparently "blank" palettes sell better. If I ever bought one of those, the buckets of paint would move in before I did!
Good luck with your searching, I hope you find the perfect place.

ellen abbott said...

I thought at first you were looking for a vacation spot to motor the RV to but it sounds like you are searching for a permanent resettle spot.

Kathy G said...

Sounds like there might be some big changes coming for you and HeWho.