Monday, April 5, 2021

High Hopes

 I think it is finally Spring. And yet, I seem to have lost the spring in my step. Last year spoiled me! I had so much time to myself to garden and do all the things I like doing ....

It is after 7:00 and I am just now sitting down to eat. I have been on my feet all day and my right hip is screaming. I finally finished merchandising the store. Last year I didn't even bother to move things around. That means this year was extra dusty and I am pretty sure I have touched every surface in the store. 

That done, I set out on a mission to finish stocking the store. I was all set to just do my shopping on-line at Walmart and take advantage of free delivery. I carefully perused the web site and ordered a hefty amount of stuff to fill my empty shelves. With the exception of two items, they were out of stock or the items were no longer available. Are you kidding me, I said to my computer screen! You won't be surprised to know that I got no answer. I was not happy. I sent a lot of time compiling my order and it was not cheap! If the item is no longer available, then why, I ask you, is it still listed on the web site?

I sent a carefully worded email to the Walmart powers that be and made the same query. I really do not expect a reply and so far haven't gotten one. I went to Walmart today and can tell you that shopping in person wasn't much better. I did manage to spend nearly $300 and load it into my car with a raging headache.

Is it just me, or does everyone have to experience unruly children of parents who would appear to be oblivious? Add to that all the nearly empty shelves and the lack of a friendly, helpful associate that actually knew where anything was. I don't work there, but I am willing to bet I could help a customer find something better than the workers I asked for help.

They have either eliminated RV supplies or moved them to a secret location that no one knows about. It is Spring. People get antsy and want to camp in the Spring. I am out of drinking water hoses and none were available on-line, leading me to believe that they had all been distributed to the stores in anticipation of Spring sales. I was wrong. 

It seemed that every associate working today was either stocking shelves and could not or would not make themselves available for customer service ... or they were blocking customer traffic while gossiping about management. 

I encountered three groups of young children in the wild throws of temper tantrums. One was locked in a battle with the mother who was trying to disengage him from a pole he had wrapped his arms and legs around. He was far too old to be acting like a toddler and obviously stronger than his parent. My store phone was ringing every few minutes with reservation requests and wi-fi questions from people already staying in my establishment.

My head started hurting as I was checking out. A two step affair, involving my personal items and tax exempt items for the store. I make it clear to the check-out associate (Walmart's description, not mine) that I have two orders and one is tax exempt. This always seems to merit a deep annoyed sigh from the associate. I apologize profusely for making her life so hard and no, it is not sincere. My head is pounding and I have to remind her THREE times to charge me for all the merchandise on the bottom of my cart. I could have left without paying for it, but that would be wrong. I am creating my own karma .... She all but threw my eggs to me to get me out of her lane. I wished her a good day and took my time wheeling the cart away. I was not thinking good thoughts as I left the store and encountered another screaming child on my way out. 

I loaded the car, thinking that I needed a drink. Ice tea was what I was thinking, although an alcoholic beverage might have made me feel much better. I stopped at McDonalds and decided a small order of fries wouldn't hurt. I had a banana for breakfast, but it was long gone. Naturally I ended up behind a van chug full of people and it was almost 2:00, so I didn't think it would be that busy.

I was wrong about that and by the time I realized it I was stuck between vehicles and could not escape. I ordered my half cut tea as I always do and was annoyed as I took my first sip of syrupy beverage. Too sweet, way too sweet. If they were going to forget to put one component in, I would have rather had them leave off the sweet and do all unsweet. The fries were cold and unappealing and far too expensive to toss, so I ate them as I made my way home.

I must admit that my head was easing off and I began to feel better ... until the last 10 miles of my trip when two cars seem to have appointed themselves speed monitors and drove side by side at 55 mph on a 70 mph interstate. During the ride, the store phone kept ringing and I had to tell them I would call them back.

Finally home, unloaded all the stuff in my car and put most everything in it's proper place and made all the call backs. I thought I would go outside in the nice sunshine and lose myself in a garden after I spoon fed the canines who were not so patiently awaiting my attention.

That didn't work out too well, either. I just took reservation #15 and it is now after 8:00. My headache returned with a vengeance and I had to resort to Excedrin, knowing the caffeine will prevent a good night's rest. I am thinking tomorrow would be a good day to train someone else to man this phone and I will go hide in a garden. I have high hopes!


Val said...

This is my favorite part: "I apologize profusely for making her life so hard and no, it is not sincere." Heh, heh!

Sorry about your headache. I had one on Saturday during my Easter feast preparations. It got worse when I left the house for town around 4:00. I think it must be some environmental issue for me. Atmospheric pressure, or some pollen in the air. Mine went away around 9:30 p.m. Nary a screaming kid crossed my path!

Linda O'Connell said...

Walmart's stock must be trapped on that trapped ship in the Suez Canal, now freed I suppose. Their shelves are bare. I witnessed a hoosier arguing with an elederly black lady. "Go get your son! I don't care." The poor dear turned to go and he shouted, "Okay, wait. I'm sorry. OKAY?" I think he was checking to see if he was going to be okay. If it's not todllers it's idiots.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That apologise hit the spot.................