Tuesday, April 20, 2021


 Cujo here. Today is very strange! Just yesterday us dogs played outside all day long in our yard. Mom had just mowed it the day before after our big trip (more about that later). 

We were a little bit mad at her for mowing it down. We were pretending we were in the jungle. The grass was tall enough for Eddie and I to hide in. Our legs are short and it was easy to escape from Bo. I believe I have mentioned how annoying he can be. Tony Louise is too tall to take advantage of the tall grass, so she just barks at everything. Everything.

But, Mom mowed it down after she collected all of our poop in a bag. I still don't know what she does with it. It remains a mystery for me to solve. Later. This morning we all ran to the back door and waited for Mom to open it. We heard Martha, the boy cat, meowing very loud on the other side of the door. As soon as Mom opened it he raced past us dogs to get inside, as we raced outside.

It was cold! It was SNOWING!! This is so wrong. Why is it snowing? It is not supposed to snow once Mom starts mowing our yard and the camping season starts. Big fluffy flakes keep falling from the sky. No birds are sitting in the tree branches chirping! Wrong, I tell you!

About the trip ... It was not fun. My Aunt Sisty was very sick and she passed away. Eddie only met her one time, but I remember her vividly. Whenever she was with my Mom they laughed a lot and talked loud to be heard over each other. Mom was very sad and she cried a lot. Eddie and I did our best to stay very close to her and comfort her. Bo and Toni didn't seem to notice how sad she was.

Toni was constantly jumping over the gate Mom put between the couches and the driver's seat. She thinks she should always be with Dad. She kept trying to get under his feet. I have never driven myself, but Mom says this is dangerous. I, for one, object to danger while I am a passenger!

Bo did get sick the first day of the trip. Fortunately, Mom had made him ride in his kennel, so we weren't subjected to having him vomit on us! The second day he was much better. A good thing since Mom let him sit with us on the couch. 

Eddie and I like to snooze while we ride. Bo and Toni like to look out the windows. This meant that Bo would stand on us. This was mostly annoying and sometimes painful, depending on which body part he stood on. Extremely annoying. Toni would leap from couch to couch and that was equally annoying.

We got to sniff lots of smells when we stopped. At one campground we stayed at I found the smell of rabbits. These smells were fresh! I had my nose to the ground and was all set to hunt this rabbit down and eat a good dinner. Mom would not let go of my leash no matter how hard I pulled, and I pulled hard. I have a taste for rabbit. I have never killed one, but Martha, the boy cat, is generous with his kills and has brought fresh rabbit to me quite often. I have to eat the tasty morsels in secret, Mom is opposed to my consumption of freshly slaughtered animals. I have heard her say that she raised a murderer, referring to Martha, the boy cat.

The trip took a long time and it felt like we had been away for a year when we got home. We met more relatives on the way back. As you know, I am not a fan of men or children. I try, I really do, but I can't seem to help myself. We played in a yard and Mom had warned me to be nice, that a little boy was coming over. His name is Hollis and I bit him. They say confession is good for the soul, but I do not think it is. I don't feel any better for having confessed. I was at Aunt Pam's house and my cousin Tara came over with her little boy, Hollis. I guess Tara must be my cousin. Mom said so. Her husband, Thomas mowed the grass while I was there. I thought about biting him, but he moved so fast it was hard to get a chance. Uncle Ronald and Dad sat on some outside chairs and both had their noses stuck in their phones. That is how I was able to bite Hollis, the men were not paying attention.

Mom apologized and told Hollis that I was going to be punished. She actually slapped my hind end! Mom is never afraid of being bit by me. I admit that I have considered it, but she bites back! Good thing I no longer have my front teeth, it could have been worse. Mom was still angry and she shunned me for the rest of the evening for my bad behavior.

I am happy to be home, even if it is snowing!


Joanne Noragon said...

Snow coming here, too, Cujo. Longest winter ever.

River said...

oh dear Cujo, I do hope you didn't bite too hard and hurt Hollis. I'm pleased to hear that you try to be better, I know old habits can be very hard to break. Snow at this time of year is very unusual in your area.
As for the dog poop, your mum clears it away so it doesn't mess up the mower blades. They need to be kept clean and sharp.