Tuesday, May 5, 2020

If Not For Bad Luck ....

Murphy's Law, Even Steven, Karma ... call it what you will, it seems to be in full force this week. Yesterday it rained and the weather took a turn for chilly. Just when I thought I had laundered the last flannel shirt until the fall season. It is still chilly today and I would not be surprised if HeWho has his long johns on.

During a fierce wind storm, the wind took down a portion of the back yard privacy fence. The men propped it up and it weathered many snow storms and such through the winter. I was promised that the fence would be fixed as soon as weather permitted. Weather has permitted ample opportunity. HeWho is  the master of procrastination is just full of excuses why he can't get the fence properly attached:
1. It is going to rain.
2. It is raining.
3. The wind is blowing too hard.
4. He needs an auger. (the posts are in place)
5. You don't expect me to re-use the old fence? (why not?)
6. The trailer is full and what will he haul the fence panels on? (hmmm, unload the trailer?)

Fence panels are on sale at Menards, plus they have an 11% rebate on all purchases. Well, isn't that a no brainer? So, yesterday, it was cold and drizzling. I suggested he pick up the panels since he couldn't do anything outside. I knew they would get wet, but it's not like he was bring home sheetrock or anything that would be ruined in the rain. I reminded him to not forget the 4 X 8 sheet of treated plywood to replace the entrance sign he has been asking me to paint, then telling me that the wood was rotting and we should just get a new piece.

Since he would be near Sam's, I suggested that he make the order to replenish the merchandise for the store on-line and he could pick that up, as well as a Walmart order. The Walmart is almost next door to the Sam's.

And that is when it started. I got a pick-up time with ease for a grocery order and went about filling my cart when suddenly the site froze. I closed it down, rebooted, and it happened again. This was while he was down at the tow shop with Kevin on a fax mission. This took quite some time, as I knew it would. Men love to gossip and if they run out of gossip they will talk about anything. The older the men involved, the longer these sessions will last.

I went on to painting the signs that need to be refreshed for the park and other stuff that has to be done on a daily basis. Upoin his return, I mentioned the grocery order and the problems I was having. I didn't expect a solution from him, but I was using this to prompt him to put the Sam's order in. Same thing happened with that order. He put his computer away and kicked back to watch the discovery channel. I asked about the fence again and he sighed deeply, then got up and went on his way.

I was baking a sweet potato cake to reward him when he got home. My phone alerted me to a text. He was telling me there was a wreck at 195 on the interstate and he did not know how long it would take for traffic to start moving. He was heading EAST! Menards is WEST. I text back, "Where are you going?" He texts back that he was going to Sam's, like I told him to. No, I did not! Sam's was an after thought. The fence is the primary goal here. 

Not long after that, I hear him come in. "Do you need help unloading?" No. He didn't go. He just sat in traffic until he could turn around. We are exit 170, he was at exit 195. Correct me if I am wrong, but he just wasted a 50 mile trip with nothing to show for it.

To add an exclamation point to my frustration with the fence, another storm hit while he was lounging in front of the TV and dislodged his temporary fix on the end fence panel and it leaned far enough in that my dogs could escape. I managed to grab Toni Louise by her hind end before she scambled out and I shoved the panel up and propped it with a loose fence post.

Much to my dismay, that cake turned out really good. I was almost hoping it would be awful. The entire day had been filled with calls on the business line. For the past 3 days the phone has been ringing when I wake and has been ringing all day. "When are you going to open the pool", "Is your allses pool open yet" "I need to make a reservation, but my immune system is compromised, so I need to be away from everyone" "Can I live there, I got a 1986, 24' camper and I have two felont covictions for drugs, but I am clean now" (NO).

There is more, but this is enough to make my brain hurt for the day. I will enchant you with more misery tomorrow!


Cora Bakker said...

Is Mr. Murphy "Camping" at your Place? Geee, awful days....trying to send you some Good Vibes! Cora, from Holambra Brazil

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Enough to make anyone's head hurt but that is life

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope at least the fence is repaired quickly.

River said...

That sounds like a completely wasted day, apart from the sweet potato cake. sign it off, pack it away, start again tomorrow. I think with the fence being weak enough that the dogs could escape makes it a #1 priority for getting fixed before all else.
Very wise decision to refuse the "clean now" camper.

Val said...

At least you caught Toni Louise the escape artist!