Saturday, May 16, 2020

No Complaints?

The weather was predicted to be really nasty this weekend. As a result, all my reservations cancelled. This did not upset me in the least, I have plenty to do in preparation for next weekend.

Last weekend was quite busy. I stayed inside and tried to maintain social distance from the people who seemed to be intent on invading my personal space. When the reservations were made, I had specifically told each and every one that the store would not be open. Didn't stop them from coming to the door and HeWho has blood pressure issues, let them in. After the third time dealing with a herd of unruly children, I banished him from the store, as well.

I tried to maintain a "no contact" check-in. It worked well with travelers in the previous weeks, but proved to be too confusing when the weekend crowds came in. I managed to clean the bathrooms and do all my outside tasks while no one was around, but had to let them in to register. I have decided to put a sign on the door requiring a face mask to enter. My space is small and can fill up quickly with far too many people. I will have a mask on, for sure, but I still don't want a crowd inside my store.

The pool will remained closed this season. There seem to be no guide lines available for pools. I know I will have many complaints, but this is a whole new world. The rowdy children with the rowdier parents last weekend showed their displeasure by kicking the pool gate until they bent it. Chain link gate and fence, they were determined. Because I tried to protect myself and stay inside, I didn't know about this until they left.

 They brought along a golf cart that was driven way too fast by the adults. Several of my kampers spoke to them and they didn't listen until HeWho offered to kick them out. Then they took to the trail through the woods. They took a curve and almost slung the children riding on the back off. They said they would never come back here ….. music to my ears.

This coming holiday weekend will determine whether I will remain open this season. I am not back to my former level of energy and HeWho will never be back to his former level of energy. He still has blockages in his main arteries feeding his heart that will need to be addressed in the future. There is part of the heart muscle that is simply dead. Will never be back. I am constantly reminding him to put his mask on. If he contracted Covid, he would not recover. His heart is just not strong enough. I am not ready to be a widow. The revenue would certainly be down, but that seems unimportant at this time.

I have seasonals who will be using their campers and of course our family of kampers who call this park home. We will get along just fine. Complaints will be few and far between!!


Val said...

Those pool-kickers need a kick in the rumpus!

dkzody said...

I agree with Val. What terrible people.

I think you are wise to plan to cut back this summer. Not only your health issues, but others' too. There are so many unknowns. your doggies (and cat) would be devastated if anything happens to you.

River said...

What is wrong with people that they feel the need to damage property just because they can't get what they want?? For you, I'm also glad they won't be back.
So sorry to hear HeWho is still in dire straits, I hope something can be done about that.

Anonymous said...

I thank God every day for the corona-virus because it means the baby boomers will be dead much sooner and finally the world can start to fix itself from the damage the boomers did. Boomers destroyed America, and boomers refuse to take responsibility for this, which is why God sent a virus to kill off the boomers.

ellen abbott said...

my husband's lungs are already compromised from not taking proper precautions during work and I don't think he would recover either if he got it. hence I'm the one who goes out in the world to do what needs to be done. and what the hell were those people going to do if they managed to kick the gate open, jump in an empty pool? so many selfish and self entitled people in this country.

Kathy G said...

Maybe if you drain the pool people would get the message it's not open?

Joanne Noragon said...

It is a new world we're opening to, and our governments be damned; it is our individual responsibility to stay safe.

Linda O'Connell said...

Time to scale back and relax a bit. You both deserve a semi retirement.
I imagine I would have kicked some little butts had I seen those little brats kicking the gate. Maybe you can write your camp capers book?