Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Sign Of The Times

Will it work? I don't know. I hope so. I confess that I am not looking forward to the holiday weekend. Actually I am dreading it. It will be busy and I normally love to see people I haven't seen since last season. 

This season is different. It will be a constant to enforce the new rules and I will be worried non-stop about HeWho forgets to put his mask on. We are touchy, feely people and have to stop ourselves from hugging and shaking hands when we encounter people. HeWho tends to get too close to people in an effort to hear what they have to say.

Old habits die hard. His new hearing aides came yesterday and the volume on the TV went down. For some reason he still cant hear me. This supports my theory that his loss of hearing is selective! I am still repeating everything thing I say to him. 

Upon waking yesterday I stood and slipped my feet into my faithful rubber shoes I am fond of. The soles are super thick and support the arch of my foot well. When I put all my weight on my feet, my right foot shouted out in pain. It was the ball of my foot, right under my toes. I slipped the shoe off while I waited for my fur babies to complete their morning ritual. 

It was swollen and very tender to the touch. I figured I had stepped on a rock and bruised the bottom of my foot. I have done that before and it will be tender for a couple of days. Last night I wriggled my toes as I was sliding my feet between the sheets. I wished I hadn't done that! My second toe cried out in pain and I am pretty sure it is broken.

How did I break it, you ask? I have no idea. I have been working in the gardens and usually it is my lower pack and butt muscles that hurt. They did and maybe that's why I didn't notice my foot. Today the toes is sitting at an odd angle. I will tape it to the toe next to it and go on from there. No, I am not seeking medical attention. I will already be doing what would be done. Without an X-ray. 

I need some hot days here! The weatherman lied again. It is supposed to be sunny and warmer all week. Instead it is cool and overcast. The strawberries need some hot sunny days!

All my plants are full of green berries, but they are not getting ripe. My tomato plants are still inside. I have even attempted to plant seed. Maybe I should make a sign for the weather!


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I hope you customers wear a mask as you would like, I am not a mask wearer but would do so if I had to in order to enter a business

Val said...

Hope your toe gets less painful. It's not like you can stay off your feet. I agree with your treatment, though. It would be the same, and you're skipping the hassle of going into a den of sick people, and having an x-ray just to know OFFICIALLY that it was broken.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope your people sign works, and yes, you need one for the weather, too. Poor strawberries.

Kathy G said...

I am getting SO tired of this weather!

River said...

I do hope your sign works, your customers can all read I hope, they may pretend they "didn't see the sign!" which is something I've heard before.
I hope you get the warmer weather soon, we've certainly go the cold weather we've been expecting. Which is nothing compared to your cold weather, but still, we're chilly now.

ellen abbott said...

I wish strawberries would do well here but they don't. I don't even try anymore. sorry about the broken toe. been there.