Wednesday, May 6, 2020

How Hard Can It Be?

Picking up from yesterday .... this past fall our personal freezer stopped working. I moved anything I could salvage to the store's ice cream freezer. The "off" season was upon us and I could easily get away with using it with no problem. I was thinking HeWho might take a look at it to see if the coils just needed a good cleaning, or maybe the cord was compromised in some way. This never happened, despite the fact that I mentioned it more than once. 

So, wouldn't you know that the store freezer is acting up now. The only freezer left is the freezer that holds the bags of ice and it is outside. Not to mention that people now think we sell chicken breasts and ground turkey, along with a variety of frozen vegetables. This is why I wasn't so keen on the purchase of many boxes of ice cream to sell. I will need to call my freezer fixer guy.

Today HeWho has left for the fence panels, taking a trusted work kamper with him. I am not worried about him forgetting his mission with Craig along to keep him on task. Silly of me to think he could accomplish three stops in one day. I will just do it myself.

I am also on a mission to pull my freezer from the wall and have it at the ready for HeWho  does all things electric. I will vacuum the coils and anything obvious. I am willing to bet that it will work just fine after this is done. Just call me Mrs. Murphy!

This past winter, I expressed my desire to rearrange the office/store. HeWho gave me that look he gives me and told me that what I was planning was impossible. It wasn't, of course, and with some help from my friend (Kevin), it was accomplished, just like I said it could be. Does he think I don't know how to measure! The registration desk is no longer blocking the door to enter my humble abode. It is actually just a half door. I have been begging for a full door, since I don't want everyone to be able to peek into that door and into my kitchen. The dogs will go nuts if this happens.

There was an available door. The guy said we could have it for free. I like free, but told him I would be happy to pay for it. I kept nagging ( a talent I have honed to perfection) HeWho to remind the guy, to offer to go get it and to pay. Then I see that he has the doors on the marketplace on FaceBook and suddenly they are gone. Am I happy about that? No, I am not. 

How hard can it be to build a door? I can use the discarded fence pickets and build a dutch door, so that I can close it entirely or leave the top part open when I am in the store alone. Am I going to share this plan with him? Absolutely not. How hard will it be? I will let you know.


River said...

Good luck building the door, I hope it turns out well. I hope your freezer gets fixed quickly, you'll certainly be needing it now summer is upon you.

Djsumm said...

I hope your freezer is reparable. Freezers are sold out everywhere (here) and are on backorder until September.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Damn not one thing but another, I hope it doesn't cost a small fortune to get everything fixed and sorted.

Joanne Noragon said...

It could be hard for a guy.

Val said...

I think your half-door will be a full success!