Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pain Competition

Last night I soaked my broken toe in salt water after I mowed my back yard. It eased the pain considerably and I had a good night's sleep. I woke with Cujo's cold nose alarm and after we stretched, Cujo and Eddie hopped to the floor and ran for the back door. I fumbled around for my slippers and after shoving my feet in, I stood.

A jolt of pain began in my toe and radiated up my leg. I hobbled to the door to let them out and then to the coffee pot (priorities, people, priorities), then collapsed on my couch. I looked at my toes and they don't look any different. The swelling has gone down and the only indication that something might be amiss is the tape on two toes. Well, that and the pain. I have things to do!! I can't succumb to a toe!

I showered and readied my self for the day, carefully removing the old tape and replacing it. I noted that the overcast skies and damp atmosphere certainly wasn't helping any of my joint pains. I had to make a trip to Walmart to pick up HeWho's meds. While I was there I grabbed the few items on my list and a few that were not. I visited the garden center and came home with some clearance plants that I rescued.

It is my right foot and the most painful part is the part of my foot that applies the brakes in my car. Wasn't so bad on the way there, but on the way home I wanted to cry. Last week I hit a rock with mower and it slammed into my left ankle. In favoring the foot with the broken toe, I managed to hit that left ankle with the shopping cart. My right thumb joint started to throb as if jealous of the attention the lower extremities were getting.

Feeling like my body parts were in a contest to see which one could deliver the most pain, I drove home. To add insult to injury, there was nary a soul around to help me unload the contents of my car. I was thinking I could let HeWho bring all the items in and I could stay in one spot and tell him what to do. I like to tell people what to do, I always have the best ways to do things and I like to share my talents.

It was not to be, so I hauled the stuff in and put the frozen items away and let the dogs out and then back in. Cujo was in a frenzy to get closest to me and hit that sore ankle with his hard head, while Toni Louise was leaping about trying to convince me that coming in the back door was treat worthy and she stomped on my toe. Eddie waited patiently for my attention and all I wanted to say was "Please don't touch Mommy!!"

Today is Kevin's birthday. He expressed a wish for a German Chocolate cake and he will have one! I mixed the batter and baked the cake and it is cooling as I write. I have always referred to Kev as my wife. He takes up the considerable slack that HeWho leaves. We both are quite fond of our friend as he celebrates his 55th year. I just wish he would stop calling me Mom!! I am not old enough to be his mom! 

It goes without saying that I will not be mowing today. The guys will have to mow my areas. That will be cringe worthy as I know they will be slinging grass bits into my flower beds. I think I will stay in here so that I don't have to watch. The countdown to the holiday weekend stops for nothing and no one. 

I have a hard time doing nothing, so I will cut out more face masks to share with those campers who are lacking them. My sewing machine has an option to run the motor with button you can push with a finger instead of the foot pedal. Sewing is such a mindless chore for me, I wonder how hard it will be to change the method. Guess I will find out.


Val said...

You need to be encased in bubble wrap for a few days! This is my favorite part: "I like to tell people what to do, I always have the best ways to do things and I like to share my talents." Heh, heh!

River said...

#1, don't worry about grass bits in the flower beds, think of it as mulch.
I can sympathise with your toe pain, I had similar about 4 years back. I don't think I broke the toe, just a really bad sprain, but I limped and hobbled for a good long while and it was more than two years before the pain disappeared completely and now that toe is permanently bent. I probably tore the tendon or whatever connects it to the foot. it is the same bend as my right hand pinky finger which I also injured by continually accidentally bashing it into the bag holder on my checkout. Do you have any type of pain relieving cream you can massage into your foot and ankle?
I like Val's bubble wrap idea.

Linda O'Connell said...

I am merely suggesting you mighty consider early retirement. I broke my toe once and had to meet the priest of a parochial school I was hired on at. He must have thought I was looking for a hand out when he saw me wearing a nice shoe and a floppy house shoe.

ellen abbott said...

toes should not be allowed to cause that much pain.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Broken toes are painful but you know that don't you.
As soon as one part ofmy body stops hurting another starts