Friday, May 22, 2020

Quarantine Wasn't So Bad ....

The big day has arrived. The beginning of the weekend. I woke at my normal hour and began the routine of letting dogs out and making coffee. I inhaled the aroma as I stood at the door waiting for my babies to come back inside and settle on the sofa with me. Eddie growled at the monitor on the wall and I saw a camper outside with people waiting to invade my morning.

It's barely 8 am and I am not opening that door! I will be in that store until 9 pm tonight and I NEEDED the coffee before I greeted the public. I was still in my night shirt with the dachshund on the front of it proclaiming that I sleep with wieners. I watched the monitor as they left. Maybe they went for breakfast. I do recall telling someone they could come in a little early, but not 4 hours early.

I swallowed my coffee and went outside to pick strawberries. They are late this year. I have usually picked the major portion of them by now. The grounds look just lovely with the sunlight resting on the freshly mown grass. We worked all day yesterday with mowers weed whackers. My flower beds are lush and full. My lavender iris are in full bloom, as well as my red peonies. I look around and grab up a weed here and there.

Oops, left my hose out! The flamingoes are pink again …. neon pink! The blue and yellow planter box will meet with some paint soon!

This is my memory garden. It is a nice place to sit and contemplate the world!

The pond looks inviting and I hear the fish are biting. Well, except for Charlie, the Catfish. He has been in the pond for about 13 years and legend has it that he is size of a small child. HeWho feeds him, so he will not be fooled by a worm on a hook. Water moccasin and snapping turtles are a hazard to avoid. A muskrat has been annoying the men. No one has been able to shoot him yet.

Why do you build me up, Buttercup ……. They do make a nice ground cover and choke out the weeds.

My sycamore tree is not looking well. There are leaves at the top but the bottom limbs are bare. This makes me sad. I love that tree. I have babied it along since it was about 4" tall. It makes wonderful shade when it isn't naked!

The clock says my day is almost over, just waiting for one more camper to arrive and then it will be time to lock things up. Another 30 minutes to clean bathrooms and I will be ready for bed. 

My dogs are very unhappy with things going back to normal. Cujo refuses to come in when I let him out now. He will roll on his back and make me go outside and pick him up. I think Cujo was rather fond of quarantine. I am missing my mid afternoon nap that I became accustomed to. I am thinking quarantine wasn't so bad, too!


River said...

4 hours early! I wonder if they imagine that business owners don't sleep?
Your yards are looking so fabulous. I love the neon pink flamingoes.

Bohemian said...

Four Hours early, clearly they are among those that lost their Minds being in Lock Down! I don't mind Lock Down and voluntarily extended it since I think everything opening back up helter skelter and premature was a very bad idea that will have dire consequences in about 2 weeks and beyond. Mostly because you can't mandate personal behavior and people from the Jump started acting badly, as if Pandemic was over... about half aren't following social distancing or wearing masks and I can't be around the Covidiots since we're a Medically fragile Family. I think this Virus will thin a certain Herd. I'm not saying that without compassion, just an observation and Natural Selection at work... Mother Nature doesn't suffer Fools.

dkzody said...

Your park is beautiful. No wonder you attract so many campers.

I'm sorry about your tree. Maybe an arborist can save it. We had a problem with a tree, and the right person who knew what to do saved it. A tree is too valuable to lose.

As is a muskrat. Don't shoot the muskrat, they have as much right to live as the rest of us. Well, the most of us. 8-)

i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Joanne Noragon said...

All the improvements and upgrades you've nursed along these many years are wonderful. The grounds are beautiful.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

4hrs early is a joke can people not read or use commen sense

Debby said...

Beautiful peaceful property. I'd stay there - but we have a vintage pop up camper. Most places don't allow pop-ups.

Fun Under The Prairie Sky said...

Your grounds are beautiful. Yup people are so annoying thinking everything should revolve around them. Love your writing. Jean from Manitoba

Linda O'Connell said...

Ha ha! You sleep with wieners! Your park is so pretty and inviting. People are so inconsiderate. Four hours isn't early, it's rude. Hope this weekend proves to be fun for you as well as your campers.