Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I think Sprint has the corona virus. Some days I can do whatever I need to do and some days I can't. Sprint is our wi-fi provider.

Yesterday was a lovely day. I was so content to be outdoors most of the day. I pulled weeds and planted seed. I groomed my ferns and was so happy to be outdoors. Of course, I still had to answer the phone and take care of all manner of stuff. I was in and out, leaving the door unlocked. Still have the sign posted saying we are not open for business, but this does not seem to be a deterrent to people. 

I was inside taking care of a payment when I noticed two vehicles in the parking area. The hatchback of one vehicle was open and a young woman and a man were standing there talking. No pop-up camper or tent equipment in sight. I had no idea why they were there. I went back outside to continue potting plants and weeding, rake in hand. The woman approached and I could tell she was not interested in maintaining any distance from me, social or not. 

That was when the rake came in handy. Upon inquiring about how I could be of assistance (from a distance), she explained that they were "resting" and might want to use my facilities (maybe a hot shower?) before they got back on the road. I apologized that we were not open for business (assuming she might think they were in the state park, despite the fact that reading the sign upon entering the park would have let them know they weren't). After she told me that the state park wasn't open, she says "But, we are on our way to Georgia to work." Apologizing again, I told her that she was in a private park and that we were not open to the public due to the stay home order currently going on here.

She acted like this was a big surprise. How deep in the middle of nowhere would one have to be to not know about the current situation? I decided to just go about my business after locking the door. They stayed for about an hour, standing behind the open hatch back with a small child.

Later, after I had gathered my laundry from my clothesline and folded it, I headed back outside to play in the dirt some more. I was on my front porch still fiddling around with my plants when out of the blue I was approached by a man (no mask, just like the Georgia bound couple). This time I employed the shovel to mark the distance. This man had an even stranger request. This is a first!

This man wanted to use my grill. It seems that he is moving across country and has a car full of meat that will go bad if not cooked right away. I was rendered speechless. He went on to say it would only take a few hours. It was right at that point that HeWho drove up in his truck and I quickly referred the man with meat that will go bad to him. I averted my gaze so he could not give me the stink eye. He sent the man on his way.

Now I wonder what kind of meat the man had and where he got it from. Roadkill? If I were moving across country, would I load my vehicle with meat on the verge of spoiling?


Bobbie said...

Yours is in interesting life. Have you considered writing a book about days such as this? It would be a best seller for sure.

Be well.

Val said...

Oh my gosh! Your weirdo magnet is stronger than mine!

Joanne Noragon said...

You can't make this stuff up.

RunNRose said...

Gee, you don't even get any peace when the campground is closed. Never a dull moment for you.

River said...

The weirdos are starting to come out of the woodwork now, keep them at bay and stay safe, ok?

Linda O'Connell said...

You should give them directions to the state park. No really, you should write a book based on your Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Owning a Campground.

Amanda said...

I just cannot get the guy with the car full of raw meat out of my mind. What was the full story behind that bit of madness? If I was really imaginative, bet I could get at least 2 or 3 short stories out of that one.