Monday, April 6, 2020

Grocery Shopping

Every day I make a few more and hang them on the pegboard meant to hold pool supplies and toys. I am running out of elastic pony tail holders and wishing that my 200 yards of elastic would appear like magic. I will resort to making ties for them before I will venture into a store. There are 15 hanging and I have forgotten how many I have handed out.

 This hardly made a dent in my fabric stash. After I made the first dozen, I washed them, then decided it would be easier to wash the fabric, then make them.

I have plenty to work on, at least 15 yards. I can get 5 out of 1/4 yard. I would need to make 4 15" ties per mask, so I really prefer elastic. I am sure that everyone prefers the elastic, as opposed to having to tie them on. The only advantage to one that ties on is that you can untie the top and leave it hanging around your neck until you need it. 

Another idea would be to use t-shirt bottoms and sew them to fit over the mouth and nose when needed, them drop down to the neck when not in use. But, I would get too hot. It would be like wearing a scarf around your neck to stay warm.

I am making another grocery order to pick up. So many things I can't get. I can't get chicken breasts, But they offer smoked turkey tails. I discard those. They are just skin and fat. No ground turkey, but they offer beef tripe (stomach). I can't imagine these items to be big sellers. Makes me wonder if they are trying to push these items to reduce inventory. I should just be happy I can get pony tail elastics with my grocery order!


Linda O'Connell said...

The masks are darling. The store substitutions are ridiculous! We can't even place an order. They are out of everything.

Val said...

That's a colorful display, and even more variety coming soon!

River said...

Can you buy regular elastic and have it delivered with your grocery order? Many supermarkets have elastic in their haberdashery sections, even hat elastic would work for the masks.

Allison said...

If you go here:

and wade through all of the words until you get close to the bottom, she talks about how to make ties out of tee shirts. I haven't done it, but they look pretty good. You'll need tee shirts with no side seams.

Your masks look really good!

Joanne Noragon said...

Good for you, Kathy. If I had pony tail things, I'd send them.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

They are nice, and good on you for making them and handing them out. I don't see the point of them but that is just me

Kathy G said...

Those are some great looking masks! I pulled out my pony tail elastics over the weekend and discovered the elastic had lost its stretch.