Tuesday, April 7, 2020

For Rent

Vacant, ready for immediate occupancy! Spring has finally sprung! My daffodils are at the end of their blooming and the tulips have started to pop open. The peony has made some impressive progress in just the past two days. As you can see the peach trees are blooming and the sweet smell is heavenly! Who needs a church when you have all of this?

The sunshine is making things bearable. Although I am quite used to being here all of the time, it is starting to be an issue with the rainy dreary days and a man constantly underfoot. 

Today is quite lovely. I am resting after a few hours of gardening and intermittent mowing. I usually have to acclimate slowly to mowing my usual 9 miles every third day. I will not be doing that anytime soon. Small bites!! I mowed some this morning, then rested. Then some more. I planted a maple tree where the apple tree once stood. Then I was done. Had to rest again. I find myself annoyed at my lack of stamina!

So, here I sit, through the hottest part of the day with two little dogs nestled close, one snoring softly. I have to admit I am enjoying the peace this brings. No noise from the loud TV, as HeWho and his partners in crime are making good use of the lift to do some tree trimming. I look out occasionally to see if anyone is bleeding. As long as I see no blood or hear any shouts of distress, I am quite content just sitting here.

Only thing weighing on my mind is what to prepare for dinner. Gone are the days when we could order a pizza or get Chinese take out. Not because those options don't still exist, but we can't eat that anymore. I would be content with cereal and early bedtime, but one can only pull that trick occasionally!


Val said...

83 degrees here today! Had to kick on the air conditioner. Did you have a chance to observe the occupants before they flew the nest?

Linda O'Connell said...

The best line in your post: Who needs a church anyway?

Enjoy those delightful fragrances, the absence of blaring television, the slowness as spring erupts, despite the pandemic. You are fortunate to have nature at your beck and call. Our parks are closed. Enjoy your day, sunny and high 80s. Then back to cold again.

ellen abbott said...

yep, nature is my church. it's been hot and humid here the last couple of days.

Joanne Noragon said...

Your empty apartment is pretty. It's tough getting into the new season. I remember well.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Life here is the same day in and day out, I feel for those who own caravan park as they have bugga all trade