Saturday, March 21, 2020

I Was Not Meant To Be A Teacher

In case you might be wondering just how seriously people are taking the advice about social distancing ……. my conclusion would be not very seriously.

Even the president has downplayed "the Midwest". While it is true that there are not as many cases here, there are cases as close as 60 miles from my location. Some  have died. We are not immune to the world just because we live in a somewhat isolated area.

They have closed all eating in establishments and school is out. I have been keeping my distance even with my kampers. It has been harder to keep my distance from someone I share a bed with, but I do have a buffer of dogs between us. But that is neither here nor there.

You may call me a germophobe if you like, but, does anyone really understand what a virus is? I was just checking in a new camper with his two children in tow. I am sure that many people off work are choosing this time to accomplish errands they would otherwise have to cram into a busy schedule. I understand that. I would be painting ceilings if I were able.

Since this was a long term contract, I had to go into the office and assist the man. I warned the children back as I approached the desk. I have a cough and a headache. No fever and I am pretty sure both cough and headache stem from pollen in the air. While it really was myself I was trying to protect from school age children germs, I thought it was nicer to phrase it as if I were worried about them.

The father waved my protests away and explained that he was not worried about me, that the virus was closer to the more populated areas near the bigger cities ….. WHERE HE JUST CAME FROM. Virus germs are AIRBORNE. They land on people and objects that are touched and spread through contact to other people. And this particular virus has no cure right now, which is why schools and restaurants are closed.

Like many years ago, when I was a nurse in an emergency room and took the opportunity to teach people how to bathe, or just forced them to bathe; I decided to take this opportunity to give a lesson on how virus germs are spread to this man. Just like my lessons on bodily cleanliness, this one fell short. I suppose I was never meant to be a teacher.


Russell said...

Enjoyed your comments. I live in central Iowa near Des Moines and had to smile at the gentleman who claims the virus is something to worry about if you live in a city (!!). It is amazing what some people think. I have not been on this blog site for over 5 years and was amazed it is still here - nice surprise as I figured Facebook had taken over everything! One of the advantages of this sheltering at home is it has sort of forced me to do a few things I have not done for some time. So nice to see this site is still active!

Joanne Noragon said...

You need to wear a face mask. First, break out the handy paint and paint in blood dripping Dracula fangs.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some times it's the teacher other times its the students, just saying.............

Val said...

You could paint feet on the floor, like a dance studio's teaching steps, with a message: YOU STAND HERE.

River said...

It's sad that people are fleeing the virus areas not knowing they may be carrying it and therefore spreading it.
Our local supermarkets have lines and X'S on the floors now to show where people can stand to wait their turn at the checkouts and there are notices reminding people to keep at least one trolley length away from others.
There's talk of closing our State borders too. The sooner the better I say.

ellen abbott said...

there's a restaurant owner here in this town of less than 9,000 people who is absolutely angry that the government is telling people to close down. she's a tea party republican, more like an Ayn Rander. she petitioned the governor not to order restaurants and businesses to close because freedom and all and let us use our intellect to decide what each of us must do blah blah blah. obviously she doesn't believe it is bad or will be bad. it's bad karma to wish people ill but unfortunately some people are going to have to get up close and personal with the virus before they will believe.