Sunday, March 29, 2020


Is there anyone out there who is unaware of the pandemic? Shouldn't be at this point in time. And yet, there are still those entitled few that seem to think none of the "rues" apply to them. I said "few", though by the number of phone calls I am fielding, there would be more than just a few.

Despite the fact that we have all been told the best way to contain the virus and stop the spread is to STAY HOME and avoid contact with others. Pretty straight forward and not hard to understand. So, why are people deciding that it is okay to make a family outing to Walmart? Why would you want to camp? Because you think the virus has not reached this area and YOU are safe? 

The ultimate act of a sense of entitlement happened this morning. A seasonal camper, whose contract was up decided to come out and move their camper out. Problem was that they were in a site behind another camper. They had begged for this particular site and were well aware they would be blocked in. They assured me this would not be a problem, they were here for the long haul. This was a year ago. A phone call last week let me know that they would not be renewing their contract for another year and wanted to pull out today.

There was no urgency to get the camper out. I would not have charged extra for the camper to sit on that site until the owners of the camper occupying the site blocking them could come out to move their camper. I told the entitled one that when she called. She asked if it would be okay if they pulled the other camper out of their way and I said it would not. I further instructed her to call before they came out and I would attempt to contact the other camper.

So morning arrived and before HeWho made his daily ritual of riding around the park, they came and did exactly what I told them not to do. Who knows what damage may have happened inside the camper? I don't have a key to this camper and can't go inside to see what was not secure for moving. 

Now I have to call that owner to let them know that the camper was moved and they need to check it for damages. All because someone decided their needs rose above all others and they couldn't be bothered to wait until this quarantine is over.


Debby said...

Wow, what a selfish person. Times like this bring out the good and the ugly.

Stay healthy!

Joanne Noragon said...

I still believe in karma. It comes from the way you live and follows you around like Joe Btfsplk in Li'l Abner. I am sorry for the other camper, and hope his interior is OK.

Val said...

That might be considered attempted theft, if they were caught hooked up to somebody else's camper! Tampering, in the very least.

River said...

I do hope no damage was done in the moved camper. Those others are just selfish, I hope you refuse them if they ever want to come back.

luksky said...

I feel like the crazy is just going to get worse in people as this isolation process proceeds. Humans are not meant to be cooped up or isolated.