Saturday, August 2, 2014

Spring or Fall?

It is looking like fall too soon! As much as I am enjoying the cooler weather ..... it just makes it seem like time is passing too quickly. Mums are blooming already!

Apples are falling, too. Should be a few more weeks until they are ready. This tree has branches laying on the ground. I had to clip some of the limbs, as they were about to break. Some of the fruit was rotting. I have three huge containers on the table in the store. Drop by and I will give you some!

I only harvested two lone peaches. The rest of the fruit is still hard and green. I watched one peach start to ripen and was waiting patiently for it to be at it's peak of perfection. I reached up and plucked it down, only to discover a bird had feasted on the top!! I cut that part away and ate the rest. It was sweet and juicy and I would have licked my arm, but for the Benadryl cream covering the rash. Same thing happened to the other peach. Must have been the same bird.

The purple Martins that nested on the eaves of the porch earlier this Spring are back and have built another nest. I had taken down the nest after the babies flew away. There are four adult birds swooping at me as I go about my business now. Must seem like Spring again to them!


Val said...

Yikes! We are halfway to Fall! Your talk of peaches made me think of this little sight I ran across this week:

It's a clever way to sell some peaches, I guess.

joanne said...

I was feeling fall in the air a few days ago but didn't want to mention it or admit it, it's too darn soon. gah, we hardly had a summer and I was hoping we would have a long wait until Fall.