Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The unrelenting humidity has kept me drenched in sweat for two days now. Didn't stop me from mowing what seemed to be several acres of grass yesterday. Every time I went out and came back in I drank at least a quart of water.

Today is overcast with a strong breeze blowing. I mowed my dog's yard this morning and will get the dog park this evening when it cools down.

As I was going about my morning routine, putting a load of laundry on, then checking the bathrooms to see what paper product needed replacing, I heard water running. Not the water filling the washer. The men's bathroom door stood open and there was someone in the shower! Only the flimsy shower curtain between him and the whole wide world. I keep thinking that I can no longer be surprised, but this was a first.

Though sorely tempted to enter and start mopping, I ambled on to the ladies room and started my day in there. I currently have two tents with occupants. One site is a man and his wife and the other site has a couple and their two children. The children are boys, but that still leaves two female occupants in the park, in tents. So, why, I wonder did no one use the ladies room since my last visit? The paper towel roll was a new one and still unused. So, you are thinking, they must not have washed their hands. Ditto on the toilet paper. I tend to ponder such things.

Upon exiting the ladies room, I see the men's room occupant of the public shower leaving. He offers a "good morning" to me as he makes his way back to his site. Wonder what he would have said if he had found me scrubbing the toilet when he exited the shower stall?

Yesterday, after mowing, I turned on the sprinklers, in an effort to cause rain to fall from the sky. I also hung laundry on the line, but I did not wash my vehicle. I don't put fuel in it, so it stands to reason that I am not going to wash it. No rain fell, but I moved the sprinklers from dry spot to dry spot all day long. The rest of the time was spent answering the phone and taking care of swimmers and campers.

A late swimmer came in. I know this guy, but could not tell you his name if my life depended on it. He thinks himself to be quite the ladies' man and flirts with me in front of his current girlfriend. I am probably old enough to be his mother and find him to be ...... greasy? Just really don't particularly like him. He tends to show up with women and their young children and makes a big show out of paying for everything (like $3.50 to swim and a coke is a big deal).

Upon finishing with the check-in and the long decision over which soda to buy, I went out to move my sprinklers again. Just in time to see him reach up to my apple tree and pluck an apple off, then throw a grounder as if the apple were a ball and he was coaching little league. If I was not particularly fond of him before .....

I briefly entertained a fantasy involving a baseball bat and his head ....... I am at bat. I may be suffering a severe case of camp-host burn-out.


Val said...

An apple is a terrible thing to waste. But at least you're saving on paper towels and toilet paper.

joanne said...

yes, I think you could use a mental health day off. keep hanging in.

ellen abbott said...

I would have had no problem accosting him and telling him that I would prefer if he didn't pick my apples and throw them on the ground since I depended on them for part of my food supply.