Sunday, August 31, 2014

Creepy Man ......

So, here is the picture I took from behind my locked door with tinted windows of Creepy man. Note the blackening sky behind him.

After He Who is my hero sent him away the last time with the threat of law enforcement, he did not return. I called the other campgrounds in my area and warned them. Really not good for business to have a creepy person who sleeps in their van in the park.

Now, my next project will involve more signage for the park. It was brought to my attention that my sign spelling out the pool rules did not include anything about putting the chairs in the water, or jumping in the water with the chair attached to your person ....... they have unwittingly brought attention to the fact that they can read and have read the existing sign. But, that is not all I will add to the sign.

Apparently some parents think that those little pellet guns that shoot tiny little plastic beads are appropriate pool toys to bring along to the swimming pool. The skimmer pump died and we actually thought that it had been struck by lightning. It was down for 12 hours. More than long enough for the water to start to form algae.

Although we shocked it and poured the algaecide and the clarifier in, it still has a green cast to the water. Upon disassembling the pump, it was discovered to be full of those tiny plastic beads.

He Who is in charge of all things pool related was none to happy about this turn of events. He did get them all out and the pump (which is not all that old) is once again running. The other pump will need to be taken apart, too, as we are sure it must have some beads in it, too.

Fortunately, He Who is good at taking stuff apart,  has already had an adventure with the old pump when someone pulled the grate up out of the bottom drain and stuffed their swimming trunks in. I guess you could say we were lucky that they made their way to the pump, instead of remaining in the line underground.

I find it appalling that common sense does not prevent such events, but it does provide fodder for my book.

I already have signs on my trash receptacles and aluminum receptacles. Most people see them and will put the appropriate item in the appropriate container. There are always those who, for whatever reason, decline to do so. I don't particularly like fishing used diapers out of the aluminum cans , but I do. 

Along with all utility bills, the cost of garbage removal has gone up. We only get picked up twice a month, but we have a huge dumpster. Still, when we have a big holiday weekend, it can fill up rather quickly. I am always annoyed when people fill the front and then just start throwing the bags AT the dumpster and don't bother to look in the back. It is not unusual to have to call for an extra pick-up after a holiday weekend. The cost is $70. I pay it if I need a pick-up. I may not be happy about it, but I am livid when I have to get an extra pick up because someone put a mattress in my dumpster. Or their truck fender. Or their old couch. Or their BBQ grill. Sometimes I think they bring all the things they want to throw away, and would have to pay extra to do so, along on their camping trip and dump it after I go to bed.

Then , there are those who will drink cases of beer, and go to the trouble of bagging the cans separately, then just toss the bag in the dumpster instead of into the barrel right next to the dumpster that has been designated for aluminum. This makes me think I need a visual aid along with the sign for those who can't read.

Then I remember that they CAN read because they will tell me what is NOT on my signs. Good thing I don't mind painting signs. Maybe I should change the name of my blog to "People Piss Me Off." Then I remember that not all people do. Most people don't. Most people are good. 

Like Andrea, the Weeding Elf. She just appears and pulls all the weeds out of a garden and then disappears with all the debris. Like Martha, who sees me loading firewood on the golf cart and comes bringing me a glass of wine. Like the camper I deliver the wood to, who hands me a frosty glass of lemonade with quite a kick! Maybe I shouldn't be drinking it while I write .....

Then there is DJ and Butch, coming in the door with a plate of ribs and chicken and corn just when He Who was towing asks what there is for dinner. And my church group that comes on Labor Day weekend. Their leader takes care of all the details and collects all the money for me and they leave their sites pristine.

Yes, I should really drink some water now and lock up before I get maudlin'.


Joanne Noragon said...

I sometimes wonder if unmitigated rudeness will kill off a generation or two. I note the niceness you cite comes from above middle agers.

Kathy G said...

It would be fun to read a blog called "People Piss Me Off". You can work on starting that one in your free time :-)

Val said...

Hey! That's my old motto!

Maybe you should just take away the chairs, and let people lay around the pool on towels, or bring their own chairs. The ones they don't toss in your dumpster when they break.