Saturday, August 9, 2014

Things Could Get Sticky

As I sit here waiting for the oven to pre -heat, I am counting my blessings.

My asters are blooming!

I don't have to cook tonight. Tonight is my sweet Nan's annual July birthday celebration for those people she holds dear. I am proud to be among them. Yes, we know it is August. Who cares?

My Dad sounded good when I spoke to him this week. He had his second chemo of this round and said it wasn't so bad this time.

I will get to see my baby girl and her baby boy this coming weekend. We will only spend one night here, then head to Georgia to see my dad. We will be leaving Papa with 5 dogs to tend, as our grand-dog, Max, is coming with them.

My good friend kamper Julie will be out to clean my bathrooms in my absence! Maybe she will give He Who tows a crash course in the necessity of scrubbing the most used areas ...... the entire bathroom!

So, are you wondering why the oven is pre-heating? I heard through the grapevine that Nan's sister Doris (she is one of the July birthday people) was longing for some sticky buns.  Far be it from me to deny her the pleasures of my cooking!! We don't need a dessert, but she will get some sticky buns all for her.

Last weekend I made some apple pies with my abundance of fruit and texted certain much loved kampers to join us for pie and ice cream at the office. We wiped out two pies and made a good dent in that ice cream. It was a new recipe I had never tried. I always like to try out these things on the core group of kampers. Some of them can be counted on to tell the truth about what they like and don't like.

This recipe caught my eye for it's simplicity. You just heaped the apple slices onto the crust, then covered it with lattice. You cooked up the sugar, cinnamon, and butter concoction and poured that over it all. Reminded me of caramel apples. So, Barb, another kamper I love, commented that she would probably like my sticky buns with chopped apple added to the caramel. Did that today, too.

Hope they all turn out good, cause if they don't, someone else I know and love (He Who loves desserts) will be eating a whole lot of sticky buns!


Anonymous said...

I am baking cinnamon rolls as I type. Sounds a whole lot like your sticky buns. Enjoy.

Val said...

May I suggest an alternate title? Try and stop me!

"Sticky Buns, My Asters!"