Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Account Specialist

We buy our pool chemicals and supplies at Sam's. It is the cheapest and most convenient. We do buy the paint from on-line vendors.

The previous owners used "In The Swim". Since we didn't change the name of the park when we bought it, we would get catalogs and phone solicitations from time to time from this supplier. We have not ordered anything from them for the past 6 years. Every time they call, I tell them that we get our chemicals elsewhere, giving them the opportunity to come back with a sweeter deal. They never do. They could offer free shipping and a better price and I would buy in a heart beat.

This year, they have changed their tactics and assigned "account specialists". The same person calls every time. Mine is a young man who could not sound more indifferent. Sometimes I ignore the call and let it go to the answering machine. Sometimes I tell the guy that I am merely a desk clerk and would be happy to make a reservation for him, which frustrates him to no end. Then there are times I will argue prices with him, before telling him that I am not in charge of ordering supplies. I am easily amused.

Last week he called while I was indisposed (I was cleaning bathrooms). When I came in and listened to the machine he was reciting his job title and asking for a call back in a sing-song voice. Poor guy, I would hate to have his job. But ....... I bet I could do it better! I could make that account come back to life, like a "specialist" should.


Val said...

So sad. Nobody takes joy in servicing the customers anymore.

Unknown said...

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