Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paper Work

The countdown continues .........  some campers will be pulling in tomorrow for an extra long weekend. This is my last lazy morning. I sit here sipping scalding hot coffee as I contemplate what to accomplish today.

My restrooms are out-dated. As much as I would like to gut them and start over, that is not money that will be easily recovered. They are clean and I try to keep them well stocked. The toilet paper dispensers were from another era. I replaced them. Maybe not such a good idea, since my campers try to use them as an aid to rising from their seated positions. I am constantly re-attaching them.

I will usually put extra rolls on the top of the toilet tank, but, as in my own home, no one seems to know how to put the roll on the dispenser, or to toss the paper wrapper in the conveniently located trash can. But, I sort of expected that to happen.

The last time someone yanked on the dispenser and pulled it out of the wall, they took the little middle part that holds the roll with them (trophy?). I was buying a replacement when I was struck with a marvelous idea. Why not put two dispensers in each stall? Why did I not think of this before??? I raced home to install my new dispensers, patting myself on the back for having had such a revelation.

This would stream-line my chores! It would eliminate someone opening a new roll and setting it on the floor to get wet and have to be discarded. I could put two rolls in each stall and they would use up one roll and start on the next. I could then restock the empty one and not rely on some kind soul to have the courtesy to do it for me. It would eliminate theft. People will only steal the new, wrapped roll. They don't want to have to go to the trouble of taking it off the dispenser.

I was so happy with myself as I imagined a whole new life with such a small investment. Always optimistic, that's me. It is not working out as well as I had imagined. They are still yanking the dispensers out of the wall and I am running out of new places to re-attach them. And ...... instead of using one roll before going on to the next, they are using them almost equally, making me have to check more often than before, as I am loathe to waste any paper.

So, my first chore today will be re-attaching a dispenser. One side is secure, firmly attached to a stud, but I will have to move both sides .......


Erik's RV Blog said...

Here is what you can do, using lag bolts install a board, using a short piece of 2x4 or Oak painted the same color as the wall.

The lag bolts bolt into a stud to ensure the board never comes off the wall and then you attach the dispensers to the 2x4 or Oak or other such board you decide on using with stainless bolts and the breakage should subside considerably.

I had a nephew pull off a dispenser too often and used this trick with a decorative piece of Oak painted to match the wall.

This nephew can no longer yank the dispenser off the wall. :)


Joanne Noragon said...

Eric's solution is pretty much what we did when we first got grandkids. They yanked or pushed everything too hard. More than ten years later the door knob hole in my bathroom drywall will disappear when the bath is remodeled in October. Happy day.

SkippyMom said...

I know this would be a pain but have you ever considered raising the height of the dispensers to arm's reach, so they can use it to raise themselves up off of them? Then again, they would probably just use even more toilet paper by pulling so much off.

Val said...

Get that toilet paper without the cardboard roll. Wait. It is probably more expensive because they save money by not having the cardboard roll. Go figure.

Linda O'Connell said...

Get a Sears catalog and tell them to wipe good. people just don't care when it's not there's.