Friday, March 26, 2021

I Am All She Needs!

Cujo here again. I have been eavesdropping as much as I can. Wall-E taught me that word and showed me how to do it. I just sit quietly by my mom and pretend to sleep. I hear everything they say. Last night Dad was talking about taking a trip! He wanted to leave Monday, but Mom said we couldn't because Bo has a vet appointment.

I hope they cut Bo's toe nails at the vet! They are sharp like needles. I heard Mom say he was getting a shot and that she needs to take some of his poop with her! WHY? Does she keep all of our poop in her car to take to the vet? Why would they want it? Do they makes dog sculptures out of dog poop? 

But, back to this trip they are talking about. I don't mind a nice trip. I sleep while we all ride. Toni likes to look out the window and Eddie does, too. Poor Wall-E was not a good traveler. Mom said he got dizzy with all of the world whizzing by out the window. Eddie informed me that he would not be sitting close to Bo in a moving vehicle. He tells me that Bo gets car sick and vomits! I will keep my distance, as well.

The strangest and most disturbing thing happened this morning. Us boy dogs get up with our mom every morning. We go outside and Mom makes her coffee. Then we come inside and settle down on the sofa with Mom. She gets on her lap top and drinks her coffee while Eddie and I snuggle close to her. Bo torments Martha, the boy cat, while this is going on. Martha has a lot of patience with Bo. They actually bite each other's ears and roll around making growly noises. Mom doesn't seem to mind that noise.

When Dad and Toni Louise get up and come into our space, things get LOUD. Toni barks, which makes us boy dogs bark. Dad yells for us to stop and Mom takes Toni and Bo outside. Then it gets peaceful again. Sort of. Dad looks scary to me and I bark at him. I can't seem to help myself. Mom will hold me close and tell me everything is alright, but I just can't stop until she lifts me and turns me around so I can't see Dad.

Today she was just about to turn me when HE PICKED ME UP! I was so indignant. I stiffened my entire body and did not stop growling and barking. He told me I was safe and that he loved me. DOES NOT! He loves Toni Louise the best and then Eddie and Bo. Remember, I know how to eavesdrop! I heard him tell Mom that I was annoying. Well, so is he. He makes baby talk to the others and I do not feel comfortable in his lap. I just want him to leave me alone and stay out of the house until bed time so I don't get my throat sore from all the barking.

He told Mom she had spoiled me. She said, "So?" I guess I am spoiled then if Mom says it is so. I don't mind it at all, if I am spoiled. Mom says I have to stop eating so much, she says I am getting too fat for my own good. So, now she measures my food and feeds me with a spoon. She feeds all of us with a spoon now. Toni Louise is a sloppy spoon eater and bits fall to the floor. If you are quick enough you can gobble them up. But you have to be fast to beat Bo! Us boy dogs have mastered the art of spoon feeding. If you hold your mouth open just right, Mom will tilt the spoon and all the delicious food will fall into your mouth. Toni tries to eat out of the spoon like it is a tiny bowl. I may have told you before that she chases her own tail, so I suppose this is the most we can expect from her.

The sun is finally shining again and Mom is seeding gardens and planting all the seeds she started in the window in the kitchen. Mom likes plants, she says they make her happy, that blooms are like little faces smiling at her. Okay, I guess, but she has me .... does she really need more?



Joanne Noragon said...

I'm so happy we have you Cujo, to help out with the news from home while Mom is busy, and stuff.

River said...

Spoon feeding? I am very surprised to hear that.
Cujo, I know you don't like men, but maybe you could try to not bark when Dad walks in the room. at least not right away, or maybe for just a couple of barks to let him know you are aware he is there. I don't have any other suggestions for that particular problem.

Val said...

Just how annoying IS Dad, Cujo? If he fed you with a spoon, would you stop barking to eat? Or would you let the other dogs (maybe even Toni Louise!) steal it off the spoon? Maybe you can cut back your barking to just growling. So Dad knows you haven't forgiven him for the "annoying" comment, and picking you up. He might even say you are becoming LESS annoying!

Linda O'Connell said...

"Does Mom carry our poop with her?" and "She chases her own tail." Made me laugh out loud!
You should be writing a book. You would have a huge following on Instagram, too.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

This made me feel good