Tuesday, March 2, 2021

All in All, A Good Day

Yesterday was quiet. The sun was shining and all was well in my world. I finally got all the Christmas stuff packed up and put away. Washed some clothes and piddled around with some signs and made some cupcakes to share. As is my habit, the phone was on my person throughout the day.

It did not occur to me until evening was upon me and I tried to text HeWho was somewhere outside that the phone had been really quiet. So quiet that not one call had interrupted my day. Hmmm. This cannot be right. I looked at my phone and noted that my text had not been delivered. Well, this is a fine how-do-you-do! As much as I had enjoyed not having my train of thought disturbed, this is when people make reservations for summer. This is, after all, a business. My business, at that, and now I am wondering how many reservations I had missed.

Today, HeWho likes to sleep late was up, bright eyed and not bushy tailed. Dressed in his heavy flannel shirt and too big flannel lined jeans and his work boots, I asked where he was going. I pick up on signals, just like my canine buddies who were all watching with ears up. "I have to go get your phone fixed!" He really loves errands, my HeWho!

It was my cell phone that was the problem. The store line is forwarded to it, leaving me with only one phone to attach to my person. We unforwarded the business line and it immediately began ringing. I retrieved the email and answered all the messages that had been sent in lieu of calling. 

We really depend on our cell phones, don't we? Like a life line to the world outside our tiny surroundings. HeWho does everything on his phone. I don't have social media on mine. It would drive me quite mad if everything was constantly dinging like his. What I do have on my phone is audio books. I like to have something to listen to when I am doing chores, being alone with myself.

So, he said he was getting a new phone for me. It is unspoken that I know he will also be getting a new phone. He has been itching to do so for awhile, but his wife told him NO. My reasoning being that the old phone worked just fine and we did not NEED new phones. This must have come as a pleasant surprise for him, my phone not receiving calls. The perfect excuse to drive over 70 miles just to get a phone for me! Only makes sense to get two new phones for the price of one trip!

I am less happy. I don't like new things so much. I will find myself calling my children to navigate new things. The upside of that is having an excuse to call them. 

A the end of the day (yesterday, that is), I had a good day. I found the car keys! I misplaced them over a week ago. Made HeWho frantically search for them. We have a spare, so I was not too concerned about them. They had to be here, I did have to drive the car here before losing them, didn't I? Every day HeWho would inquire about my alleged search. I kept telling him they would just show up one day and they did yesterday. They were in a pile of garland and lights I had grabbed up  my way inside and laid on the table in the store until I could get to putting them up. The only search on my part had been to check all my sweater and coat pockets and cleaning out my purse. I knew they were here somewhere, while HeWho asked how many places I had gone to on my outing ..... causing me to once again explain that I had to use them to get the vehicle here. I think he checked outside around the car and the path I took into the house. I told him they would turn up! My glasses did as well, but they were only missing for a day. Yes, it was a good day.



Unknown said...

Wow can I relate. My granddaughter and I spent all evening yesterday looking for an ipad pencil that had been lost for a month. In the process we really managed to clean out the sofa inside and out. We even slit open the lining on the underside after turning it upside down and searched with a flashlight to no avail. Those devils are expensive. I am sure that it will turn up somewhere very surprising. It has to be in the house like your keys, because it and she have not left the house. Oh well in the process I threw out a lot of junk and at lease got the living room cleaned in the process.

Leslie said...

I have had the same key situation and since my house key and car key are on the same fob I know I had to get in the house with them but couldn't find them when I tried to go to work the next day. After much searching I found them under the kick area of the kitchen cabinet. Now you would have thought if I had dropped them on the floor coming in the house I would have picked them up right away and since I lived alone at the time no one else to blame but me.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Looking for lost stuff is something we all do and find things we forgot we loss..........
Our moblie phones are so important for so many of us

Joanne Noragon said...

I lose things daily, or more. The house is so small and I seldom leave, so they're lost in here. Most turn up eventually. Just today I encountered a lost container of seeds. Should I move them to live by my other seed container, or move it to live by the one I found? Decisions==my other problem.

River said...

Try always putting your keys in the same place every single time you put them down. Try a small bowl near the door you use to go out to the cars. Never lose your keys again.

Val said...

The very thought of a new phone terrifies me! I've had two in the last year, due to sudden death. The first happened at the beginning of the lockdowns, so finding an open store was a problem. Then THAT phone died within a month, and I had to find a new store and a replacement. I hate making the effort to learn new things.