Saturday, September 19, 2020

Sweet Dreams

The milder weather has me outside all day long. Well, until I have to actually do my real job. As I have been trimming trees and pulling weeds and edging gardens, I decided to relocate my dwarfs and gnomes. They had been asking for bigger houses and a better location. This is a work in progress. I still have to build a stage for the dwarf band and put cedar shakes on the roof of the hot pink house. More clouds, more trees ..... Can you see the little tea set? Look in the lower left corner. One of my kampers gave it to me awhile back. I love it there!

While I played, the men played with big toys. HeWho grabbed the best seat. With age comes privilege, I suppose. They are fixing a water leak.

I walked my gardens and picked at deadheads. I found some new friends out pollinating. This bee posed for his picture. A nice profile, don't you think?

This guy turned his back to me and refused to engage with me. If that engagement included a sting, I should be most happy about that.

 Maybe he saw my fence and did not take kindly to my art work. Another project to finish. More flowers and maybe a grasshopper and crickets. Dragon flies, too. Worms? Ladybugs and most definitely a frog!

Today has me longing for a nap. My right leg has been giving me fits lately, so I took myself to the clinic. The ache has me pacing the floors in the wee hours of the morning, unable to find a position that allows the ache to subside. It is either a precursor to an attack of Shingles or it is Sciatica. I am voting for Sciatica. No painful rash has erupted. We talked about treatment plans and I opted for the most conservative one. A shot to help bring the inflammation down and a round of steroids. Just five days.

Today should be the last dose. I am not taking it. The past three days have been like a rollercoaster ride. The dose does not titrate down, so not taking the last pill will not harm me. Yesterday was awful. I felt like I had been downing coffee all day long. My heart would speed up and I could not seem to find enough to do. Last night's insomnia was the cherry on top.

Today I am lethargic and feel like I have taken a sleeping pill. But, it is a weekend and I have to hang on until all my reservations show up. Or do I? I only have two pending, but the day is young and people will start frantically searching for a place to stop soon ....... but .... if I carefully write everything down and give HeWho the phone and the list, perhaps he could survive a couple of hours. 

I like my plan. Eddie and Cujo like it, too. They are always up for a nap with me, as long as Mr. Bo Jangles is not involved. Sweet Dreams, here I come!


Joanne Noragon said...

I think all your painting plans are perfect.
When we had the gas line to the house laid, we had a wonderful about how many men and dogs it took to do the job. The contractor's dog constantly had his head in the hole.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I like your plan too..............

River said...

you have a dwarf band? pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease can we see a picture of that?

Val said...

The real bee looks HUGE! I definitely think your fence needs ladybugs.