Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tomorrow Is Always Better

 Friday is Monday for me. I look forward to Monday, as they are usually quiet. This Friday has lived up to the reputation of a bad Monday.

I had all my ducks in a row, so to speak. I had carefully mapped out all my reservations and run out of 50 amp sites, leaving me to have to turn down calls looking for a place to sleep. We have maxed out all of our available juice for possible upgrades. But that is not an issue for today.

Last week a camper had a battery explode in his golf cart. The guys helped push it up to front of the store and remove the battery. The battery was still in the parking lot this morning. A hazard for children and small animals. I had not thought anything about it, thinking it would have gone with golf cart. I can't toss it in the dumpster. I would be charged extra for hazardous waste. It has to be disposed of in a proper location. So, off to town went HeWho loves to run errands. 

I had finished the last segment of my mowing and was ready for a shower, stewing in my own sweat. I was heading in for a quick shower when the first camper pulled in. I thought I had 15 minutes before opening, but I had miscalculated and was checking in the first camper when the second reservation arrived. A shower, I just wanted a quick 10 minutes to make myself presentable to the world at large. The second camper had another camper he wanted to be next to. For 3 days. I had just vacated two premium sites and thought they would be nicer than  the ones he chose. 

You know what happens when you assume something, right? I explained my reasoning to him and he seemed to agree ... until the issue of his satellite came up. Then he said, and I quote, "TV's not that important." and off he went to park. I told him I would locking the door for about 15 minutes to grab a shower and to tell his friend where to park, as he had paid for both.

Remember, HeWho was on the battery disposal run. I literally ran to the bathroom and got in the shower before the water was even hot. I had rinsed the shampoo from my hair and was just starting to wash the rest of me when the phone rang. I did not even attempt to answer, knowing I could simply return the call after I was dry. It was the man I told I was going to be indisposed for the next 15 minutes.

When I didn't answer, he headed to the office. I stopped him and told him to just go to the sites he had wanted. Before I could do anything to my hair, I threw my clothes on and heard the door chime. HeWho had returned and left again, leaving the office open. It was the wife of the man who wanted to change sites. She wanted to get the firewood he had purchased. We deliver the wood to site and it was already on the way.

The day went downhill from there. With only tent and sewerless sites opened, I managed to fill them all with off the road traffic calling in. One call was baffled, because I could not accommodate them with a long 50 amp site. Bewildered, the woman caller bemoaned that they had stayed before and never had to reserve ahead. Just lucky on the other times, I guess.

One call was from a woman with a broken down motor home being towed in. I managed to find a space for her RV. The super size tow truck arrived just as another reservation pulled in. A smaller tow truck followed him. He pulled the RV slap dab in the middle of the parking lot at a weird angle. Both drivers proceeded to my door and I saw them pause to read my sign, then disregard it and enter with no masks.

I was busy with the other camper, but paused and told them they could not come in without a mask. Attitude radiated from the bigger of the two as he stalked away. HeWho was gone again, as his first attempt to discard the battery had failed due to it being a lunch break for the establishment designated for such. So, I was here alone. I finished with the check-in in front of  me, grabbed a clip board and headed out to take care of the disabled motor home on the tow truck.

I approached the truck and the driver ignored me. I had to yell to be heard and asked if he wanted to know where to drop the RV. He answered, an insolent, "I don't care." I said, "So, are you going to just sit here all afternoon?" and once again he said he didn't care. The tone was that of a teen told to do something he didn't want to do. I am far too old to put up with such. I called my kamper Craig to handle the man and called the tow company and told on him!!

I suppose I could have simply written a bad review, but I would want to know if someone representing my park was treating people with disrespect. I was told similar complaints had been issued about this man. He was polite to my kamper. He told him he had camped here before!! Then you would think he would know to put his attitude away with me!That made it even more annoying!

Hoping for some calm after the storm, I went back to making templates for my community of dwarfs living along the fence line. I like to have something to keep me busy during the lulls on Fridays. I can't cook a meal. I will either burn the food or set the stove on fire, so I don't even try anymore. Leftovers, or take out is on the menu for Fridays.

As I am happily drawing the faces on my templates, my glasses fall from my face. The ear stem has broken off for the second time. I had "fixed" it with super glue, but they did not sit on my face right and the bifocal part was never the same. They made me dizzy and I had to take them off to walk around. I do have an extra pair, so I am okay for the immediate future. 

Only one more hour to go and 11 more reservations pending. With the way the day has gone, I am betting they will all come at the same time! Tomorrow should be better, right?


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Tomorrow should be better but often it is about the same as the day before as long as it isn't a worse day then all is good.

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh, the fickle, fickle public. Damn ficklers.

RunNRose said...

Oh, my goodness. Makes me TIRED just to read about your day! I thought I had a pretty eventful day, I bathed two dogs, walked them a few blocks, and cooked corn chowder. Good for you that you don't stand for nonsense. People will push as far as you let them. I hope tomorrow IS a better day. Come to think of it, I guess today, Saturday, is "tomorrow!"

River said...

Good to know the sulky man-teen has a reputation, it could make it easier to refuse him accommodation in the future.
Looking forward to seeing more of the gnome garden.

Val said...

I hope it was better! I'm glad you reported the tow truck driver. Such insolence!

dkzody said...

You have my deep and abiding admiration. I just know there is a special place in heaven for those who work with recalcitrant public.

dkzody said...

You have my deep and abiding admiration. I just know there is a special place in heaven for those who work with recalcitrant public.

Linda O'Connell said...

I wonder if you ever plan to retire and just grow flowers and paint boards and fences? You desreve a break from all the stress and folks who want to do things their way. Hope this week is better. I love hearing about your sweet fur kids.