Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Season Ending

 Labor Day weekend marks the end of the camping "season". That's not to say that people are not camping until next season, just that the hectic rush of getting ready for the weekend is relaxed. Under normal circumstance, we would be shutting down the pool. Since we never opened the pool this year .... that is no longer necessary. We have plenty of projects going into fall to keep busy with.

But the urgency is less impending. It is like getting your home ready for company EVERY weekend.

 This means my home is neglected. I spent an entire day just dusting. No kidding here, I dusted ALL DAY LONG. My space isn't even that big and the amount of dust collected in the vacuum was beyond belief. This means I am a bad housekeeper? Maybe. Or maybe I am just limited in my energy level. In years past I tried more, but the older I get the more I realize the value of a good nap!

My naps have replaced my writing and reading time. I miss it, but after my cardiac event in March, I have realized that I can't continue to push myself physically anymore. Well, I suppose I could, but the results would not be pleasant. I am looking forward to cold weather and being confined inside. May sound strange, but I feel this way, about this time every year. I know it won't last and I will have cabin fever as soon as I catch up on sleep and have more energy.

Someone recently asked me why I have four dogs to care for if I am so tired. I have four dogs because I love dogs and they add so much to my life. I never set out to have four, it just happens. Every time we lose one of our pets, we both say that three dogs or two dogs is more than enough. We agree that we do not "need" another pet. Then one of us will add to the pack. Usually it is me. But you might recall that my Christmas present from HeWho loves me was Eddie almost 4 years ago. Toni Louise was his rescue from the animal shelter about 10 years ago. He was just going there to "look" at her. I knew she would be coming home with him and she is very much his dog. She loves me, too. I do feed her and bathe her, but at the end of the day, she prefers the company of her master. She tolerates her house mates mostly because she knows that I am the alpha here.

As I sit here sipping coffee in peace, I look over at a sleeping puppy and my heart swells with so much love. He has wormed his way into the pack and charmed them all into loving him. Toni won't admit it, but she recently went after Martha, the boy cat for tackling Bo and biting him. They were playing, but she thought he was hurting Bo.

Bo has not been a cuddly puppy. He is very active, running and leaping everywhere. He is only still when he is sleeping. But, lately he has started draping himself over my shoulder when we are winding down after a long day. I will arrange myself on the sofa, a doxie on either side  and he will leap up on the back of the sofa and nose his way onto my shoulder. He will be a great neck warmer this winter. I usually scoop him up at bedtime to put him in his kennel. I kiss his little head and tell him good night and he lays down and goes to sleep. I doubt I would be able to get much rest if he was in my bed.

Last night it was raining. I opened the back door for that last trip out. Toni Louise is afraid of thunder and stood just out of reach, lest I force her out. Eddie and Cujo had already followed the heels of HeWho was bound for bed. But my courageous little Bo scooted right out there and took care of business. Then he ran back inside and ran to the bedroom before I cold pick him up for our bedtime ritual.

I lifted my doxies to my bed and then turned to look for Bo. I couldn't find him and came back out to the kitchen to work my way back to the bedroom. His little kennel has two doors. One on top and another  one on the side. I use the top one, as it is bigger and easier for me to lower him down. I didn't think he could get in his kennel on his own, but that is where he was! Bo loves routines and it was time to go to bed.

All this to say that, WiFi willing, I will be reading and writing more now that the big rush is over!


dkzody said...

I love your doggies. We have cats. Far too many cats, and I consider myself the crazy cat lady. But I do love them. One of our cats has a bedtime routine and often goes to bed without me. Their quirky personalities keep us entertained.

Joanne Noragon said...

Bo is an extremely good dog. My kinda pup.

Linda O'Connell said...

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, and yours are so entertaining! Glad you can slow down, now. This time of year I feel sad, at thinking about being housebound in winter.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

You're life is so interesting and full compared to mine

River said...

The value of a good nap cannot be over rated, I love my naps, although I do miss reading as much as I used to. It takes me forever to get through a book these days. Bo certainly has his routine worked out.

Val said...

Four years since you got Eddie! I remember it like it was yesterday. Hick treated POOLIO and put the cover on him today. It seems like we didn't even have a summer.