Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Sweet Smell Of Vomit!

Hi, Cujo here again. So, I told you that Mom left Toni Louise and me here while she took Eddie and Bo. When they finally came home, Eddie told me all about the trip and the vet and how Mom had to raise the hood of the car to make it start. I could hardly believe it. The part about Mom and fixing the car! Mom has always said that the car was just for her to drive, not maintain. She doesn't even put gas in it!

Eddie says the trip started out okay. He was sitting in the front seat with Bo and Mom was driving. He told me that Mom kept one hand on them and one hand on the steering wheel and her eyes on the road. He thinks that is why she did not see Bo vomit. She smelled it, though. It was awful, he said. The smell. He said he couldn't help it and he started whining to let her know about and then he couldn't seem to stop! He whined all the way to the vet's clinic.

At first Mom thought that Eddie was the vomiter (is that a word?). You know, because of all the crying. He said they were on a curvy road and Mom had trouble finding a place to pull over. She scooped up the mess in some tissues while she was gagging and flung the vomit in a ditch. Not the tissue, my mom does not litter! This is when Bo vomited again. There was a lot of vomit there on the car seat and Mom asked Eddie how a little guy such as Bo could have that much in his little belly. Mom had to stop two more times!

I kind of feel sorry for Bo, but I really feel sorry for Mom and Eddie! They made it to the vet clinic and a nice girl came out with paper towels and Mom got all of the vomit off the seat. She wasn't able to get the vomit that ran down the side of the seat, but she opened all the windows in the car while we waited our turn to go inside.

The nice girl took hold of our leashes and was going to leave Mom outside while we went in. Bo was okay with that. He likes everybody. But Eddie sat down hard and refused to move. He said he did not know these people and he was not going anywhere without Mom! So, the girl said Mom could come in. Eddie still wouldn't budge, so Mom picked him up and carried him in.

Eddie told me how much he weighs and now I am afraid to get on the scales! Sixteen pounds!! Eddie is only supposed to weigh twelve pounds and Mom has been fussing at us for stealing puppy chow from Bo's bowl. It is quite tasty, let me tell you. But, Mom keeps telling me I am getting too fat and it is not good for my back. My back feels just fine. I do not engage in tricky behavior such as jumping. I rarely get in a hurry (unless Bo is eating and moves away from his bowl). I make Mom lift me onto the couch to sit next to her. She can just forget about those doggy steps. Eddie and Bo use them, but I have no intention of learning how. I am only supposed to weigh ten pounds. Mom says I feel heavier than Eddie. This is not good! 

The vet was a lady and Eddie tells me she was quite nice. He sat in Mom's lap while the vet checked Bo out. Bo weighs five and a half pounds and the vet and the technician both agreed that he was a fine specimen of a puppy. Bo liked all the attention he was getting and didn't even try to nibble on anyone until the vet wanted to look in his mouth. Then he got two shots. He whimpered just a little and then it was Eddie's turn.

Eddie has had a scaly rash on his belly (Mom calls it his undercarriage, I don't know why). The vet rubbed Eddie's belly and got real close to take a look. Some of the scales came off, like when Mom brushes his hair and she saved them. Then, even weirder, she cleaned out his ears and saved that! I know that Mom picks up our poop and I thought she was making a collection or a craft, but I saw her throw the bag in the dumpster. I was beginning to worry about this habit of hers.

Eddie says before he cold get back to Mom he got a shot, too! He said it wasn't too bad. Then the vet took his scaly skin and his ear wax away and then came back and told mom that he has a yeast infection in his ears and a staph infection on his belly. He says that they talked about shots and shampoo and Mom chose the shampoo to start. He was happy to hear that!

Eddie was ready to leave, but they had to wait for shampoo and Bo's worm medicine to go home with. Then they decided that Mom could also give Bo his booster shot next month. "Did you know that Mom is a nurse?" Eddie asked me. I said she is not, she does not work in a hospital or doctor's office and I don't want her to. I found out later that she is, she just would rather stay home with all of us dogs.

So, they all got into the vomit smelling car with all the windows down and Mom was all set to come home and the car would not start! Mom called Dad and asked what to do. She did not want to wait for him in what she called the Vomitmobile, so he told her how to lift the hood and which wires to play with. She did it!! She fixed the car. I found this to be incredible. I heard Mom tell Dad that she refused to drive the car again until he fixed it for good and then "detailed the interior". Not sure, but I think it might have something to do with vomit smell.



River said...

Hi Cujo, Lola here. I hope your mum got all the vomit smell cleaned out of her car. Poor Bo probably just got carsick. My mum had to clean out her TV chair when I ate my dinner too fast one day and it all came back up just as I jumped onto the arm of the chair and it ran over the cushion and all down the side right into the corner. I think it was her fault anyway, because my dinner was an hour late and I got too hungry to eat slowly. I'm a cat by the way. Eleven and a half years old and I weigh just a smidge over 8 pounds.

Linda O'Connell said...

That little adventure wore me out just reading about it. You pooches are sure lucky to have such a good mama!

Joanne Noragon said...

That was quite the round trip.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The smell of vomit makes me sick and want to vomit