Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A New Dog Doctor

 This has been a very strange day here at our home. Us dogs like routine, in case you don't know. We are not fond of surprises. Like trips and new puppies. When we are taking a trip, my mom always talks to us about it and then when the day comes, we still don't like it, but we know it is happening.

Yesterday I heard my mom talking about Bo going to see the vet. This is what a doctor for dogs is called. Cats, too, I think. I am not sure about that. Martha, the boy cat never went to our old vet when all of us dogs went. We really liked our old vet, Dr. Paige. She knew all of us by name and we would all go at once to see her. She was my favorite vet ever.

Dr. Paige quit being a dog doctor and went back to school to become a nurse practitioner and take care of people. Since then we have tried out another vet, but Mom was not happy at the new clinic. We saw a different vet every time and they never remembered us. Mom says it is important for your doctor to remember who you. Sometimes I just sit and wonder at the things my mom knows!

So, when we all got up this morning I had totally forgotten about Bo going to see a new vet. Mom says that since Bo is new, maybe we should try a new dog doctor. This was fine with me, as I was pretty sure I would not be going along. She put Bo's harness on and attached his leash while us other dogs went outside to take care of business (that is what Mom said we should do ..... she meant for us to pee and poop). When I came back inside, I saw that Eddie had a harness on, too!

I looked at Toni and she looked at me. "Are we all going?" I didn't particularly want to see this new doctor of dogs, but a ride sounded fun. Imagine our surprise when she told us to "STAY" as she led our two little brothers out to the car!

"Hey!" I said, "No fair, we want to go, too." But Mom said she would have a hard enough time handling two dogs by herself. That kind of hurt my feelings. I am never trouble. I always stay very close to my mom, even without a leash. Toni Louise is not that cooperative. Mom says she is an escape artist. Although I have never seen any of her art work, if Mom says that is what she is, it must be so. I do know that Toni likes to try to take her harness off and run, so I can understand Mom not wanting to take her along.

After they came back and I had a talk with Eddie, boy was I glad I didn't go! I really feel bad for Eddie! He did not have a very good time and I found out the reason he went is because he was not feeling good. I am tired now, but tomorrow I will have to tell you so many things that happened today. You will laugh and you might even gag!

Until then I will be planning my next post. This is Cujo, signing off.


River said...

Thank you Cujo, I do hope Eddie is soon well again. I agree with your mum that a doctor should know who you are, it helps a lot because then he can tell more easily if something is wrong. My cat Lola almost always sees the same doctor and she likes him better than the other ones. There are three doctors at our clinic and the best doctor works on Wednesdays, so that is when we schedule our appointments for.

Val said...

Sorry you missed a RIDE, Cujo. But not sorry that Toni Louise didn't get to practice her ART!

dkzody said...

Cujo, we love to hear from you. Please be a good dog and keep a watch on your doggy pals. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Joanne Noragon said...

Glad the little bros are home and it's one happy family again.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nice hearing from you Cujo, dog doctors can be good or bad just saying................
Being a happy family is special