Friday, June 19, 2020

Mr. BoJangles

Cujo here. I would be the one with tears running down my face. My mom is far too busy to write, you know. I suppose you can tell why, when you look at the picture above. I cannot believe she did this, but there it is …. a new puppy. I definitely heard dad say "NO MORE DOGS".

I will admit that I found his statement to be offensive. I am a dog, after all. I was quite nice to Eddie when he invaded my life a few years ago. I enjoy his company now that he has outgrown that annoying puppy stage. Things were just great around here until two days ago. We had a rhythm, us dogs. We all knew our place.

Then, suddenly, this puppy is LIVING here with us! Meet Mr. Bojangles. Mister? I am not calling him Mister anything! My mom sings to this puppy and makes baby talk to him. It is disgusting, if you ask me! I was punished for snarling at the little nuisance. She said I was jealous! I am not jealous of that little annoying scrap of fur. I am a full bred Dachshund and I look the part. You can't even tell what this puppy is.

To make matters worse, my mom takes this puppy everywhere she goes. She even mowed the yard with him stuck inside her shirt! She said it was to keep him safe from us dogs. Just because I sort of bit him and rolled him around a bit. I was just trying to get to know him better. Hey, Eddie did it, too.

Eddie liked him at first. Toni and I refused to even sniff him. Toni still won't even look his way. Eddie pulled out a big green monkey he used to play with and took it to the puppy. My mom was all like, "Oh, Eddie you are such a good boy. I am so proud of you!" And then Eddie was all like watching the puppy eat and sleep that first day.

Toni and I set him straight, though. Eddie doesn't like it when my mom pets Toni. She is Dad's dog. Eddie doesn't care when Toni gets petted by Dad and he is okay with my mom kissing me and holding me. He waits patiently for his turn. We reminded Eddie that she was holding that puppy way more than she was holding us. 

So, when my mom put the puppy in his kennel with his bowl of puppy formula, Eddie waited until that puppy fell asleep and then he stuck his head in and drank that puppy's milk and then he dragged out the blanket and toy.

Now he is in trouble with my mom. She scolded him and told him he was jealous, too. He tried to look up at her with his cute face, but she wasn't buying it. I told him what jealous meant and now he is indignant.

Dad is such a pushover! All he did was hold that little puppy and it was over. I just knew that would happen. He acts all tough with my mom, but she usually gets what she wants. She had a long talk with me last night and told me that she would always love me the best. I am not supposed to tell the others, though. We still have our special time together at then end of the day. I guess he is sort of cute, but I still am not happy to share the affections of my mom.


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh my goodness, that is one cute baby! Years of fun and frolic ahead and maybe a wee bot of jealousy.

Joanne Noragon said...

He is a cutie.

Val said...

Poor Cujo! You look so shocked at this turn of events! On the other hand, Mr. Bojangles is a little cutie now, but he WILL grow up and find his place in the pack.

River said...

I wouldn't worry so much Cujo. Once that cute little bundle is past the puppy stage and more used to all of you, he won't get quite so much attention and then it will be your turn to help him find his place in the pack. You don't know what type of dog he is?

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

New puppies are cute and adorable but so are you Cujo