Friday, June 5, 2020


Times seems to have gotten away from me. When it is not raining I am mowing and planting. Endlessly it would seem. The grass is growing so fast I can't keep up. The weeds are over taking my gardens and I am busy from sunup til sundown. Then I wash all the dirt from my feet and hands with a scrub brush and fall into bed to repeat the same thing the next day.

I heard some guys on the satellite tower about a week ago. I was hoping they were from Sprint. I was looking forward to better internet, but that didn't happen. For the past few days it has been particularly slow. I tend to just give up after a bit of waiting to connect and just go to bed. I do check the campground e-mail without fail to harvest any reservations.

The phone continues to be a constant source of annoyance. I got up at 6 this morning and decided to lay back down with the dogs having done their business. I was just going to rest my eyes for a minute until I could smell the coffee brewing …. Does the fact that I didn't start any coffee mean that my subconscious mind sabotaged my plan? Maybe I did it on purpose. At any rate I slept until 10. Toni Louise was staring at me when I opened my eyes, no doubt wondering why I was in the bed with my two dogs and interfering with her time with her master.

My phone was full of missed call and empty voicemails. Just breathing in the background. I sipped hot coffee as I made my way through all the call backs. Thankfully, the weekend campers did not start showing up early to incur my wrath. The phone calls took care of that.

I will never understand why people with reservations will call me to tell me their plans for the day. It matters very little to me if you have laundry to do before you can leave home to get here. Just because I tell you that check-in time is "ANYTIME AFTER NOON" does not mean I want to a progress report several times throughout the day. I don't want to know what you are doing as you speak to me and who else is involved with you weekend plans.

As I make the reservations I make sure to tell each and everyone that my pool will not be open this year. All week long I have stopped what I am doing to hike up to the store and take down information for people who will say that the pool does not matter to them. Then they will call back a few hours later to cancel the reservation, or wait a day and cancel. Or, my favorite, wait until they actually get here and then go berserk because the pool is not open.

I have now added that you must wear a mask to enter the building that the store/office and my residence is in. They still show up naked faced and disgusted with me. I will go outside and do the check-in procedure while they glare at me in my mask. I don't care to hear about their conspiracy theories. If they persist, I consider them to be my new audience for MY opinions …… and I do have some opinions!

Today, I sit chained to this desk as the weekend looms large and wonder just how many more hours I can be polite. My head aches, my muscles ache and all I really want to do is jump in my car and go see my kids. I know I can't grab them and hug them or kiss the heads of my grandchildren, but I can bask in their presence and look at them!

This past week has been about mulching. Not my established gardens, but two new plots with trees that will grow to provide shade. It is hard to mow around the tress I planted. My mowing men cannot appreciate my tree planting abilities. They only see that it will be a pain to mow and HeWho has been known to mow over my smaller tree plantings and claim someone else must have done it. These little plots surrounded by tree plantings will not have flowers in their midst. I will be "planting" benches in the area among the trees that will one day offer shade. They are located close to the playground and the Billiards/Golf game. I can always attach golf umbrellas to provide shade until my trees take over. 

In the meantime I am sitting at this desk, wishing I were somewhere else!


River said...

I love your planned future sitting in the shade areas :)
Some of your campers sound very inconsiderate, like paying to use the facilities entitles them to be rude and demanding.
Stick to your guns and boot them out if you have to.

Val said...

We have Sprint phone service, which seems to get worse reception every passing year. My boys' phones are grandfathered on an unlimited data plan, and they are resistant to changing phone companies. You'd think, with the AT&T deal, that service would IMPROVE! I'd go crazy if my internet depended on Sprint.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sitting and wishing we were somewhere else is something we all do from time to time.
Phone probllems are super annoying

Debby said...

People can be so rude and entitled. In your business, it's a good thing you have this blog to unload on. Things I hope I would never do.