Thursday, June 11, 2020

Smoked Cake, Anyone?

It is as if I have been hypnotized and can't stop myself! I did it again. I cut my hair. Then I jumped in the shower and dried and styled it. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Even HeWho thinks I did a good job. I think he was sincere. Really, I do.

It was all thick on either side and too long on top. My mother was a hairdresser and I know how to mimic. I took my time and parted it off and tried to keep all my cuts the same length, while not snipping that skin between one's fingers. It is almost easier to do by feel rather than looking in the mirror. I tend to misjudge and cut myself when I look in the mirror.

I could have just let it grow, but it is hot and like I said yesterday, I sweat profusely. If sweat were a commodity, I would be rich! I mowed my entire 9 miles today without having to stop and rest! This means I am back to my pre-heart attack strength.

I am enjoying not having to deal with the pool. I will miss the revenue, but it is nice to have some down time to work on some projects that we never seem to have time for. We can take our time cleaning and painting the pool, repairing the loungers and painting them. Picnic tables and fences need attention, too.

In the meantime, I was cooking supper last night. HeWho wanted meatloaf. Meatloaf minus salt isn't all that tasty unless you drown it in ketchup. His ketchup has no salt (mine does). So I put the meatloaf together and tucked it in the oven next to a giant sweet potato. Then decided to bake a plain yellow cake. I planned to split the layers in half and smear some blackberry jam on the bottom and top it and put some cool whip on top. Not very fancy, but I was not about to go shopping for ingredients. You just use what you have.

Everything was going quite well and would all be done about the same time. I had washed all the preparation dishes and even cleaned a shelf of the refrigerator. I had 20 minutes to kill, so I decided to take all my vegetable scraps and egg shells to the compost bin. I stopped to chat a minute with Kampers Craig and Cheryl. I came back in before the timer went off to find the oven had a small fire in the bottom. I pulled all the food out and put the fire out. No biggie, I have been known to have kitchen fires before.

The food all still tasted fine and we ate our dinner. I jammed the cake and plopped on some cool whip before we ate dinner. HeWho cut himself a generous piece and I had a piece as well. It tasted like smoke. Smoked ham, smoked chicken, smoked ribs are all good. Smoked cake …. not so much.


River said...

I thought Cool Whip was mayonnaise? Or is there two kinds, one mayo and one cream? I agree smoked cake wouldn't be so nice.

Val said...

I think I'd still eat smoked cake.

For River: MIRACLE Whip is mayonnaise. More like mayonnaise with a lot of sugar in it. COOL Whip (vegetable-oil-based)is whipped cream in a plastic tub, to dip out with a spoon. REDDI Whip is whipped cream in a can, that sprays out of a spout.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It is good when you can cut your own hair two of my daughters cut their own hair, Tim has cbeen cutting mine for 30yrs.