Monday, June 29, 2020

Puppy Breath

Time for some puppy love! He is growing. I bet he weighs a whole pound now. He sleeps a lot, like all babies. He has a favorite blanket and will cuddle with it.

I lost him on his third day here. I was in a searching frenzie and looked everywhere. Finally found him sleeping in one of my boxes of fabric next to the sofa. He is so tiny, he is hard to see.

He knows his name now and my voice. The next time I lost him, he had gone to his box on the floor by my bed and climbed in for a nap!  He is one smart puppy.

 When he is awake, he follows me everywhere. He manages to get marked by paint a lot! Look at that sweet little face!

I must confess that I am totally smitten with this little guy. He plays hard and sleeps hard. He has the personality of my Oscar. My pack has not had a true alpha since Oscar died. We do now!

Mr. Bojangles is still eating formula, as well as canned puppy food.  He knows the sound of me mixing the formula powder and will come running as fast as his little legs will go. I step lightly these days, because he is always close by.

The other dogs are still miffed at his presence, but I caught Cujo playing with him in the back yard. Toni Louise is still unimpressed with the intruder, but Eddie likes to play with him when he thinks no one is watching. Martha, the boy cat is the hold-out. He still hisses every time he is near.

Every evening Bo joins me in the yard to water the gardens. He plays and I water. If he wanders too far, I just call his name and he looks for my feet and comes running! Life is a little sweeter when there is puppy breath in the air. 


Kathy G said...

Keep the puppy photos coming!

Val said...

THAT FACE! I just want to squeeze him. Not too hard, of course!

RunNRose said...

Amen. Our younger Yorkie looks very much like Bo. He is a life wire----always busy. I find toys all over the house; it's like having a child.
I am so with you that having a puppy is a real picker-upper in a world where picker uppers are a rare commodity! The best part is all the love they give back to us!

River said...

He's so cute, I want to scoop him up and cuddle him.

dkzody said...

Sweet puppy. Had no idea he was that tiny, only a pound!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

He is so tiny and cute and so smart

ellen abbott said...

puppies are the best.

Linda O'Connell said...

I love your menagerie and their personalities. Your descriptions make my day.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your baby is so cute!