Tuesday, June 23, 2020


You might recall that my freezer quit working last year and I was forced to transer the stuff that survived to the freezer in the store. Not a big deal, as it was the end of the season and there was plenty of room.  Then I asked (nagged) HeWho is in charge of all things electric to pull the empty freezer out to take a look at the coils and see if that was the problem.

I finally took matters into my own capable hands and used the vacuum to suck all the accumulated dust away. Plugged it in and it started cooling. I was quite smug with my accomplisment, as I reloaded the freezer. Well, my smug attitude came back to bite me in the a$$! It lasted less than a week and I was hauling the food back to the store freezer and filling the dumpster with the stuff that could not be saved.

I created a sort of barrier between the ice cream and my frozen food. All was well with the world of frozen product again. Problem solved, no, I do not want another freezer by my washer. This works fine. And, I told myself that a full freezer works more efficiently. 

Well, wipe that smug look off my face again! I am sitting here while my freezer fixer guy, Tony, is investigating why the store freezer has crapped out on me!! Of course the freezer is FULL! Lots and lots of ice cream, corn dogs, microwave sandwiches, burgers and such. Plus all my food. The small freezer above my fridge is full, too.

To add insult to injury, the company that made this freezer has gone out of business and the part needed is proving to be hard to find. I was intent on a task outside this morning and would have been done by now, but HeWho is on a mission to help a friend and I am sitting here inside while the puppy sleeps.

Mr. BoJangles has wormed his way into our hearts, but Martha the boy cat hisses at him everytime he sees him. Cujo is not coming around at all. He tries to punish me by staying outside all day and ignoring me when I call him. Toni Louise is indifferent towards him. Eddie is interested, but still stand-offish. He hates it when Bo chases him. Bo can move fast for such a little guy!

All in good time. One day soon, the dogs will be compatible and the freezer will either work or a new one will be sitting here in it's place!


RunNRose said...

Good luck on the freezer situation. I have heard from several people that freezers are very hard to come by right now. On back order in the stores. It seems, what with the Pandemic, people are buying more less often. Hence the run on freezers.
By the way, I LOVE what you did with the bench. I think it's fun how you are so creative and turn what would be boredom into novelty.

Joanne Noragon said...

I hope all your animals are compatible sooner rather than later. Including Martha.

Linda O'Connell said...

2020 can scoot the boot! My daughter had to replace car, dryer, riding lawn mower in one month. We had to replace dryer, printer and freezer. It has been a bang up year so far. Literally! Hope you get your issues resolved. The pup is so cute. I can imagine the rest are making adjustments.

River said...

Freezers do run efficiently when full, but not when Overfull, packed in like a sleeping bag in its cover. There needs to be room for the freezing air to circulate. You might need to get a slightly larger size for the amount of food you usually store.
I do hope all the dogs get along soon. Poor Cujo must be so upset.

Val said...

Puppies don't stay little long. Harmony will be restored when he grows up and finds his place in the pack. Hopefully, you'll have a working freezer before then...

We've only had to replace the La-Z-Boy so far. Apparently, people are also hoarding recliners during the pandemic! Still on order.

ellen abbott said...

I tried to buy a small freezer a few weeks ago but they have all gone the way of toilet paper in the early days. not a one was to be had at Lowes and if I wanted any chance at all to get one I had to be there early on days they get deliveries and wait for hours to see if there was a small freezer on board.