Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Am Back

Back from where? I guess we weren't cold enough here, so we headed north. The big chill was over, so I tossed all the necessities of life into some plastic bins and clothes baskets, harnessed the fur kids, tossed my keys to Kevin and we rolled out.

HeWho does all the driving grumbled and mumbled as we started out. I ignored him and after placing all the stuff that could fall and shift around in the proper location, I settled onto the sofa bed with my canines. No, I do not ride in the passenger seat next to "I can't hear you". What would be the point? He probably can hear me, he just doesn't chat while he drives.

The dogs would not be happy in the back without me. Cujo has to be touching me and Wall-E doesn't like to see the traffic rushing by. He will shake and hyper-ventilate. Eddie enjoys standing on his hind legs, propped by the back of the drivers seat and looking out the windshield. Toni Louise stands next to him and sticks her cold nose into her master's neck. Irritates him and makes me laugh.

Once we are on the road, Toni and Eddie get bored and lay down by me and sleep. All is well unless one of them try to take over my lap, then Cujo gets pretty annoyed. He tolerates Eddie, but not Toni Louise. He does not try to take possession of her master, now does he? Eddie cares not as long as he has a warm spot to sleep. Wall-E just wishes the trip were over.

We stayed in our son's driveway. On a bit of a slope, HeWho  complained about sleeping with his head lower than his body. I was smart enough to turn around and sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. He slept on the sofa bed. We do not fit into a queen bed with four dogs. I would start out with three dogs and Toni Louise would roam back and forth between beds all night. 

I have decided the most inconvenient thing about not being home is taking the dogs out. I am the designated one to take them out first thing in the morning. Because, like all mothers, I put their needs ahead of mine. HeWho always has to take care of his bladder, then get dressed and fill his ever present cup of Diet Coke before he will even start to leash them up. Not me, I do not want to listen to them whine and then struggle to leash them, getting tangled in the leads. I hook them up while they are still in the bed, stuff my feet into shoes, put jeans on top of my sleeping attire and grab my coat while they descend the steps of the camper. I am pretty sure I don't want to know what I look like. 

It was a short trip, we left on Thursday and came home Monday. We were able to visit with everyone except granddaughter, Layla and her dad, Nick. Layla is a very busy senior in high school and I was told we would need to schedule an appointment with her. None of these spur of the moment trips for that girl!

While I missed seeing her, I was so happy to spend time with her older brother, Gage. He lived in Colorado after he graduated and has moved back. Since he lives in his uncle's house, he was right there. I am happy to report that he still has a big chunk of my heart. I remember when he was five and told me not to hug and kiss him when I took him to Kindergarten. Now he is the one hugging me in public! I just love him so much, always have. He has turned into such a wonderful young man. We ate dinner at the bar and grill where he bartends. I loved watching him charm his customers. Grampa was happy to see him, too.

Wall-E and I went to pick his boy, Gavin, up from school with my daughter. Wall-E shook so hard that Adrienne asked if he was having a seizure …. no, he just hates riding in cars with windows. He stayed in my lap when we stopped to wait for his boy to come out of school and into the car. Gavin had no idea we were coming, so he was totally surprised to see his favorite Gramma seated next to his Mom in the car. Then he opened the door and as soon as he was seated, the dog flew from my lap and into his boy's. Such a sweet reunion. Gavin will always be number one in Wall-E's heart.

I hear both the washer and dryer calling me to unload and reload them. This is not my favorite part of going away, having to clean the RV and wash all the clothes and linens. Why do we call them linens? Should we not call them cottons, or polyesters, or blends? I do wonder about strange things


Joanne Noragon said...

But how great was it to take a "weekend" trip to visit! How neat for Gavin, too.

Val said...

Poor Wall-E! I'm a nervous rider, too. But at least I know what's at the end of my trip when we start our 9-hour drive to Oklahoma. If Wall-E could understand that he'd be seeing Gavin, I'm sure that would help him!

River said...

Possibly the "linens' is a leftover from way back when most or all fabrics were actual linen, made from the flax plants. Bandages for mummifying the Pharaohs etc were linen and probably clothing and bedding was too. before cotton was invented.
I can't imagine life with four dogs, my one cat is enough for me.

Linda O'Connell said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away. I have been hankering for a road trip. And if I had four pooches, they would be in my camper, too. Each of your fur babies have distinct personalities. I can;t imagine hooking up four leashes and heading out for a potty run. You are amazing.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

getting away is always nice but all the washing to be done on returning home isn't fun but no clean clothes is really not fun