Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Failing To Follow Instructions

I am trying to prolong my second cup of coffee (that I am not supposed to drink) for as long as I can. I made good progress on my cabinets yesterday and my joints and muscles are letting me know it!

As I was applying the first coat of paint after scraping and priming, I pondered the idea of painting the interior. Not really the idea, since I had already decided to paint them. No, I was picturing myself trying to bend this way and that way to accomplish the task. So, I thought maybe spray paint might be the way to go.

Of course we have a sprayer. Somewhere in the bowels of the esteemed collection of junk in the barn of HeWho fancies himself to be Fred Sanford. Could even be in working order for all I know. I seriously doubt it. I recall hearing something about letting "that preacher" borrow it and it came back all nasty and clogged up.

Then I pictured the look on the face of HeWho when I asked him to locate it and bring it in for me to use, then wonder what excuse he would use to make me not want to use it. Would he imply that it would be too hard for me to operate? Really. Or, maybe it would have disappeared to another "preacher" and never been returned? 

Knowing that HeWho had taxied a client to the airport, I called him and asked if he would pick up 6 cans of the cheapest spray paint in Walmart on his way home. This would eliminate him stressing his brain to find an excuse for the paint sprayer and I would get the cans a lot quicker.

But, not being one to actually follow very specific instructions he returned with six cans of more expensive paint. High gloss enamel with a long drying time. I wanted the watered down cheap stuff because it would dry quicker and cost less, and well, let's face it, I take great pride in my cheapness.

I am not a stranger to paint in any form. I unloaded just one cabinet, as I had planned to do anyway. One at a time, dry, apply shelf paper (from the Dollar Tree), reload, repeat until done.
This paint was hard to shake and get that little metal ball inside clanging around in the can. It felt thick, if that makes any sense. He got it at Lowes instead of Walmart. The label says it is paint and primer in one and will stick to any surface. 

After shaking the can until the ball inside was rolling round and round to my liking, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to remove the cap on the can. I squoze it just like it said  and could not get it off. HeWho had left on another mission and I was alone and becoming increasingly agitated with that cap. My hands could not apply enough pressure to the squeeze points to get the stupid thing off. So I did what any self respecting old lady would do and knocked that sucker off with my purple handled hammer.

Already having the area prepped and the area around my target covered, I aimed and sprayed. The thick paint spewed out and the mist clouded the entire kitchen. I had not put a mask on, so I yanked the neck of my shirt over my nose and mouth. The coverage was not great, so I waited a bit and sprayed again. The fumes were horrible, so I quit. I only got one shelf, bottom, top, and sides painted. 

Later, hours later, after HeWho wondered about what I had prepared for dinner and gone for take out, I gently touched the painted area and it was still tacky to the touch. I suppose he will be returning the other 5 cans of paint. I will use the brush today. I will finish today and move on to the doors. 

The hardware is painted and ready for installation, save one tiny problem. Upon taking the hinges and handles off, I discovered flat head screws. I have never successfully removed them with a drill, so they had to be removed with a manual screwdriver. I gave one of the screws to HeWho loves to run errands and told him to get some black screws with a Philips head the same size as the screw I gave him. Guess what he didn't get?


Val said...

I'm exhausted just sitting here in the La-Z-Boy after reading it! I'm trying to be optimistic about your screws.

ellen abbott said...

the insides of cabinets have to be pretty awful for me to even consider painting them.

Joanne Noragon said...

Your unwavering sanity should be bottled and sold.

River said...

Oh Dear. oh dear oh dear oh dear. I remember a cabinet I painted. HE did all the sandpapering and removal of doors hinges etc then wanted to paint the whole thing baby blue. I said she who pays for the paint gets to choose the colours, so I did, and sent him off. HE cam back with the cheapest flat, water based paint, to save money, when I'd wanted high gloss acrylic that could be washed over. oh dear. MEN!

Linda O'Connell said...

WHY don't they listen? I feel your pain. I told my hobbler, who had recent knee surgery to move his walker to his right side rather than the left and try to stand. He swore it wouldn't work. I said, "Just TRY!"
He did. It worked, He looked at me and said, ""Ahhh shad up!"

I LOVE that spring sign, by the way!

I must say you are one ambitious person.

luksky said...

I figured out a long time ago, if I want something done right, I just have to do it myself. Nobody in my family knows how to follow instructions.