Monday, February 11, 2019

It Is What It Is

While we were gone the temperature rose to a balmy 60 degrees. For one day. Most of the snow melted and left puddles in it's wake. I still have a pile in the back yard where it slid from the roof and created Eddies favorite feature. A huge drift that hardened. He would climb it and stand there looking at his kingdom. I could almost hear him thinking, "I am king of the world!" He would stay there while all the other dogs rushed in out of the cold until I yelled the one word that would make him do anything I requested. TREAT!

It is cold and ugly again. The snow makes everything pretty. This gray, desolate sky and all the mess left from the melting snow makes me want to go outside and put things right. But 20 degree weather is not outdoor chore weather. 

Being inside, I can focus on house cleaning. Or not. HeWho drives is busy taking cab fares. He has some regulars he hauls around. His long time regular even called him while we were away. At least he makes money doing this. He would, no doubt, create a need to go somewhere anyway. Far be it from him to combine his needs to one trip. But, it is quiet while he is gone and I can turn the heat down. No one here to question me while I am trying to read or write.

I took some reservations for the coming season and two for long term sites while I was gone. Looking like we will be busy this year. Not sure how I feel about that …… On the one hand, busy means more income; but on the other hand I am tired just thinking about it.

What does HeWho say about it? It is what it is. That would make you think he has deeply profound thoughts. Or, maybe he heard someone else say it?


Joanne Noragon said...

It is fun to think the new season slowly into being, from below a canine blanket.

Linda O'Connell said...

I love your last sentence. Enjoy your reprieve while it lasts. By the way, I HATE winter.

Val said...

Well...when you're busy again, you won't have time to think about it. So there's that.

ellen abbott said...

anonymous sure got around today.

I'm so glad it doesn't snow here. we're being promised 5 days of mostly clear skies. it remains to be seen.