Wednesday, February 20, 2019

You Can't Catch My Dog!

What an exciting morning! It all started as every morning starts with a cold nose nudging my neck tentatively. If I grunt and turn away, that nose will settle down for a bit longer; but should I begin to rise, the tails will start to wag as the three boy dogs wait patiently to be helped down to the floor. They follow me to the back door to proceed into the yard to take care of business. Do not worry about Toni Louise. She stays with her master, having a bladder capacity that defies all logic.

I stumble along, still half asleep, open the door and let the furry critters out, then head to the bathroom before getting serious and making the coffee. This morning, instead of staring at the coffee, as it drips from the machine I head over to the gate that separates our sleeping area from the sitting area (I find that I have the ability to sleep in both areas). Toni Louise is waiting there for me to take her out. HeWho is her master has awakened and is too busy dressing to think about his dog's needs.

For what ever reason, I look out the window of the back door before I open it to let her out and make a discovery! The back gate is standing OPEN! NOOOOOO!! My babies are loose! I rush to get clothes on and this is unheard of for me. Dressing before caffeine! HeWho has been informed of the gate faux pas and tells me to just stay inside that he will go out into the snow to retrieve my babies. He does, after all have boots on and it snowed again last night.

I think to myself that they will be easy to spot in the snow ……. except for Wall-E. Wall-E will blend into the snow. Eddie, being black will be easy to see and he usually hangs with Wall-E. Cujo will be easy enough to see, but he will not come when called by HeWho is a man in a hat with a big jacket on. No, my Cujo does not like men, even the one who hands out dog treats.

I head to the front and open the store door and step out on the porch to see if they have just circled the building. I call out, but see nothing. Not two minutes later, Eddie and Wall-E are coming in from the front, tails wagging, full of excitement, greeting Toni Louise to tell her about their adventure. No Cujo.

I go to the back door and call my little guy, knowing he does not like to be alone. I know full well that he will come to me if I call him. Suddenly I see his little self along the fence, then HeWho behind him, trying to catch him. I call out my usual call when I want him to hurry in, "Run, Cujo, Run!!"

HeWho tells me to shut up so he can catch my dog. I chuckle to myself as I follow his command and go back inside to let the fool go about his doomed errand, knowing he will never catch my dog. Had he just let Cujo follow the sound of my voice he would have come back into the yard through the wide open gate (you didn't think I was going out there in my flip flops through snow to close it, did you?) and into the house with me.

I settled in with my coffee, confidant that Cujo, having heard me call him, was making every effort to come to one of the doors while avoiding the man chasing him. He did just that and is now snuggled next to me in my recliner as I write this.

HeWho made the mistake of asking me if I would like anything for breakfast. My usual answer is negative, but this morning, after so much excitement, I threw him a curve ball and said yes. Now I know that he means McDonald's. This is his routine. He eats the gravy covered biscuits that smell like dog food in a can every day all winter, then switches to sausage biscuits come Spring. He is predictable. Not me. I tell him I am longing for doughnuts from the bakery in town. I see that look on his face as he is thinking I am a pain in his rear. But he asked, didn't he? So, off he goes to fulfill all my wishes. Okay, one of my wishes.

He just called me to tell me that the nice hot doughnuts will be awhile, as his truck refuses to start and he is stranded in front of the bakery. He goes on to tell me not to worry, he has called AAA for road assistance. Did he think I was coming in my sock clad feet and flip flops? And, yes he does the AAA calls, but so do other guys. Do I feel even a tinge of guilt for his current situation? No, not really.


Joanne Noragon said...

I like your attitude today, sister! Cujo was the best part of all.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

People who chase dogs usually end up feeling like why did I bother the damn dog came home on its own, reading this made me chuckle

dkzody said...

Cujo knows where his mama lives. He'll be home when he's ready. Now, as for those donuts, that sounds good to me, too. Hope they weren't frozen by the time you got them.

Val said...

"Run, Cujo, run!" That's the best part for me. Good thing Toni Louise didn't get out!

River said...

A little adventure to start the day with makes nice reading for the rest of us whose lives may or may not be quite boring. I can't eat hot doughnuts, they just sit in there, not digesting, for hours. I hope you got yours before they cooled too much.