Saturday, December 13, 2014

Back Again

This is the face of the foot that found Gramma's sciatic nerve in the night ........

It was brought to my attention that I had not posted since the day after Thanksgiving. This is true. Although I managed to find internet service a couple of times on my trip, I simply checked e-mail and then slept. My days were hectic and my down time was for sleeping.

I did take pictures, but for whatever reason my computer and phone are not communicating today.
I did a little painting, a few window treatments and lots of junk shopping. I spent time with my dad and with my granddaughter. Saw cousins and realized that there are not enough hours in a day.

This was our first trip in the "new" RV. We towed my car and met up with my son and granddaughter, Jada, in Atlanta. There are very few RV parks near the airport in Atlanta........

The trip started out right on schedule ...... until nearly 15 miles down the interstate when, He Who is attached to his phone, realized he had forgotten it. I had asked him f he had all his electronics and chargers ....we back tracked and he retrieved it.

We looked at each other and asked if we had forgotten anything else. I was a little woozy, having whacked my head on the over-cab bed for the third time. "Do we have water for the dogs?" We didn't. So, I jumped out to get the food and water bowls and a gallon of water.

You know those big side mirrors on the RV. Sure you do. They stick out really far and are big and sturdy. They will push back if you run into them. I caught the side of my already sore head and my left shoulder. This was not a good beginning.

I set up the feeding station for my dogs, totally forgetting that I had not left water out for Martha, the boy cat. I had filled his self feeder and admonished him not to gorge himself, then throw it up before we left. But, Martha shares the water dish with his canine buddies. I did leave the toilet seat up. And I sent a "Help!" text to Andrea and DJ. Martha did not suffer.

As we rolled along the interstate, He Who thinks he is the boss of me, told me that I would have to drive some of the trip or he would not leave me to dive home alone. I wasn't keen on towing the car as I drove, but told him I would. Every time I asked to relieve him he denied me the driver's seat, though. I was left to drive the RV home, having only piloted it around my park. But that is another story for another day.

We arrived in  my dad's yard and set up, I walked the dogs and Then we all trouped in to a huge home-cooked turkey dinner with Mama and Daddy.

I am happy to report that my dad is doing great! He has no more chemo in his system and has regained some of his strength and a lot of his sense of humor. It would be a wonderful Christmas if he suddenly went into remission. That is all I want in my stocking.

More tomorrow .....


Joanne Noragon said...

Nice to hear from you again. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Val said...

I was wondering what adventures you were having. Maybe you also need to ask Santa for a helmet.