Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We did not escape the snow storm here at the campground. It snowed quite a bit and the snow covered the satellite dish, preventing any reception. All my efforts at preparing for our trip were in full swing. I was waiting out the snow and wrestling with a headache, when He Who is the master of towing all things came home to attach the tow bar and hook up my jeep to the RV.

Now, I did suggest that he do it the previous day when the weather was mild, but He Who is the master of towing, is also the master of procrastination. He decided to go gas up the RV before attaching anything. While about this business, he got a call and instead of bring the RV back, he drove to the shop to get the tow truck. This meant I couldn't put the last of our stuff in while it was still light out ........

I was annoyed. My headache was still aching. So, while I was enjoying a chat with my Jada on the phone, I was interrupted. I had to go drive the car up to the tow bar on the slushy driveway in the dark. I confess that I was a little miffed. I played the martyr and started carrying baskets of stuff to the RV. The passenger door was unlocked, so I crawled through and took all the clothes in and secured everything. On my way back out (in the dark), I walked right into the over the cab bed and nearly knocked myself out.

Deciding to call it quits for the night, I came back inside to find a text from my son reminding me of the flight information ........ I looked closely at the dates. Um, I had all the information a day off. We don't need to leave tomorrow, we need to leave Friday.

He Who is the master of towing was on a mission to find the proper clamps to secure the chains or something ( I confess that I wasn't listening). I took advantage of this. I called him and told him we didn't need to leave until Friday, giving the procrastinator a reprieve. Totally downplaying the fact that I had the day wrong!

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joanne said...

you turkey! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and be safe on those roads...;j