Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The snow has melted and the grounds look sad. I am still hovering around the fire in my small sitting room.

Funny story about the fire. I was cleaning up the small twigs and pieces of firewood that lay around the firewood holder on the floor. I decided to just scoop them up in the little shovel and toss them in the wood stove. I am really grateful that I used the shovel, well, I don't know that I should be grateful. I was listening to TV and had my mind on grabbing one more cup of coffee and wasn't paying close attention to the task at hand (or shovel, as the case may be). I tossed the shovel full into the fire and poured coffee and got into my chair with Cujo at my side.

I do remember hearing Wall-E jump down out of the bed last night and vaguely remember movement in the bed when he jumped back up. He likes to eat at night when the other dogs sleep. He is non-confrontational, a gentle soul, our little white dog. He strives to please everyone and I suppose that's why he decided to hide his business in the twigs on the floor. He usually never does his business inside. He must have had an undeniable urge.

Yes, I burned dog poop. I do not recommend this as kindling. I have candles lit and my scentsy pot going and am glad this dog is small and his business was small and hope that it will burn quickly. Oh, and I can't believe that my life is so boring that I wrote about this!

Today I will be out and about. I need groceries. My big decision is whether to wait until I listen to the noon news and go, or go now. Rumor has it that there is a new breed of apple that will not turn brown after cutting. Teasers have been on the TV all morning. I am always curious about such things. Don't know why, since I don't buy apples anymore. I have more fruit than I can eat right here on my property.

I think the aroma of the fire outweighs the new genetically modified apple. I am out of here!


Linda O'Connell said...

Why don't you toss a non-browning apple into the fireplace to mask the scent? Have a great day.

ellen abbott said...

at least your unpleasant odor was short lived. I have (another) dead rat in my walls and I am glad it is warming up enough today to be able to open the doors! A friend told me to set out pans of apple cider vinegar, that it would absorb? remediate? mask? the odor. didn't hide it completely but did help immensely. and let me remind you that GMO is not the same as hybrid. Hybrids are from cross-pollination. GMOs have their DNA altered in a petrie dish adding DNA from other species. There is a lot of evidence out there that GMOs are not safe. besides, so what if an apple turns brown after cutting? not turning brown is UNnatural. all GMOs are unnatural and that right there should give you pause.

Val said...

Dog poop kindling? Put it in a cellophane bag, give it a catchy title like "100% Natural Organic Wood-Free Kindling" and you can sell it wherever snooty people buy their fireplace materials.