Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Dolls Love Little Dolls

Lots of hugs and kisses from this one. I spent some time with Jailynn on my trip. Is that just the sweetest face you have ever seen? She is the image of her dad ...... right down to the gum in her mouth!

She is quite adept at the selfie. Gramma looks a little ragged, doesn't she? Lots of driving leaves me withered.

As it would happen, I had to drive back when she was taken to the hospital. She vomited her little body into dehydration and was in so much pain, she was given morphine! Blood tests and MRI's failed to reveal the problem and  just found out she is still queasy and hurting.

That doll. She is missing an arm and her foot was chewed off by her puppy. Can no longer toss her in the washer, either. I tried to convince Jailynn that her doll needed to come home with Gramma to the doll hospital. I failed and I doubt she will let a new doll take her place. I loved all my dolls, but I especially loved the maimed and needy ones. I understand completely.


joanne said...

I hope she is feeling better, it's so scary when the young ones get sick like that for no obvious reasons. You look pretty darn good granny, you two look quite a bit alike. Hope things are well with your dad. take care.

Linda O'Connell said...

Prayers for little Jailynn. My first grandchild used to dehydrate all the time when she got sick. You'll never get that doll away. My son had Bunny Boy who went everywhere he did.

Joanne Noragon said...

Poor baby. It's the worst when the little ones are sick.

Kathy G said...

Poor girl! I wonder if she'd accept a companion doll for her lovie? I'm sure you'd have a good time making one for her.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope Jailynn is better. A sick child just breaks your heart.

Val said...

Aw...little Jailynn. Hope she's better now.

If only a song could help cheer her up. "Hello, Dolly! Well, hello, Dolly! It's so nice to see that you still have one arm. You're lookin' swell, Dolly. I can tell, Dolly. Took a lickin''re still kickin' are frickin' strong!

Okay. Nevermind. That could put her into a relapse. And it's not quite child-appropriate.

Hope your little sweetie is back to her precious self already.