Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Give Thanks

Since we will be traveling on Thanksgiving day, I  cooked turkey yesterday. Okay, half a turkey. Literally. Bought a 10 lb. frozen turkey and had the meat department saw it in half. I thought it would be a little silly to cook a whole bird for two people. It made an interesting carcass, with a cut down the spine

So, even though the skies were dreary and the wind was gusting mightily, I was determined to be thankful and eat turkey and all the fixins'. No pies, I made a flan. No sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes either. Dressing, people, it's all about that dressing. Italian green beans, too. I am certain we will encounter leftovers at every house we go to.

I am making lists and checking them twice ..... hoping to not forget something on this trip. I made two batches of Chex mix to have on board. Road trip junk food is the best! We will be picking up my son and granddaughter Friday morning. I need to have food handy. I am certain they will be ravenous after an early morning trip to the airport and foodless flight. I just hope two batches of Chex mix will be enough ....

So, I was about the business of loading in all my clothes and such, when I looked out into the park. Something was amiss ....... After two loads in, it finally came to me. My tenants owing me $360 are gone. So is my money. The man called last week to say he knew he owed the money and would be in to pay. He told me his mother had died and that's why they weren't here in the park, in their trailer, but that he wanted to "settle up" with me.

Given my current situation , I felt real empathy for him losing his mother. I told him I was so sorry for his loss and to just come in when he could. I did think it was a little strange when he seemed a bit confused at my condolences, but I imagine I seem a little "off " myself these days.

But, the trailer is gone and I have no address to forward a bill to. Just as well, since I would have to certify it and then go to the court house and file a complaint. All that stuff costs money, and even if you win a judgment, it doesn't mean you will get your money. Not to mention the time involved with all of it. I feel a little sick when I add up all the instances that folks have managed to skip out without paying. Then I remember ........ it will all come full circle. Always does.

So, I will only dwell on the positive and remember all the nice things people do for me. No shortage there, as I have wonderful friends that always surround me when I am down.


Kathy G said...

Hope you have a great trip!

I didn't know you could have a frozen turkey cut in half. Will they do it at any full-service grocery store meat department?

Val said...

Why am I imagining a big sawmill-type blade, like where Dudley Do-Right might rescue Nell? For the turkey, of course. Not your thought-bubble for the rent-skippers.

Joanne Noragon said...

You have a wonderful trip.

joanne said...

take the time, enjoy your trip, be safe and hug those loved ones. That really is what it's all about isn't it? well, that and the chex mix.

ellen abbott said...

what goes around comes around and when it comes around to him he will probably be clueless why it happened to him.