Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Could Be A Spokes-Person For The Shingls Vaccine

I have been sending photos of my Shingles rash to my kids as it progresses. I like to share my pain. Unfortunately (or, maybe fortunately) Blogger is not cooperating with downloading today. I started with the day I was diagnosed. It was red and angry.

Started out looking like a bug bites. I wondered about fleas at first. Those little "bites" grew to very angry sores about the size of a pencil eraser with all the tissue around the patch very red. It was hot to the touch and the lightest touch would shoot pain through my body.

The sores progressed into bigger misshapen pustules. Looked like islands on a red sea. Still very painful. Flannel pants and sweat pants became (and still are) my wardrobe.

I just swallowed my last dose of anti-viral meds. Yesterday I updated the newest photo and sent it to the kids. Because I like to share and I like sympathy. The son responded immediately with soothing words of sympathy and love. His twin sister is much more practical and artistic. She thinks my belly looks like a view of a planet from space with craters in it. The pustules have dried up and the dead skin is started to peel. Baby girl was just concerned about the location of the rash. You know, like my face!

I sent the photos to convince them all to get the vaccination. Today the rash is looking sad. The inflammation around the sores is gone, but the sores are really ugly, dark red to black and I am quite certain they will leave scars. Those scars will remind me to get my own vaccination.

I think the makers of the vaccine should hire me as their spokes-person.

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Val said...

You could be a model for a medical diagnosis dictionary!