Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bargain Hunter

So, after a whirlwind visit with Jada and Jeff, I waved good bye as they headed back to the airport in Atlanta. You will recall that I was told I would not be allowed to drive the RV back unless I practiced on the way. I didn't, but there I was, with my two dogs and the RV. Left on my own to get home alone. Just me and my canine companions.

I spend a couple of days with my dad, then left to head east to stay with my great granddaughter. They had just moved into a cute little house that is indeed a "fixer-upper". I was in my element. After we dropped Jailynn at school, Her mom, Amber and I set out on a marathon thrift store adventure.

If only we had more time and limitless money! I did score some capris for a mere quarter!! I had not packed hot weather clothes and this buy came in handy.

I ventured into a furniture store in search of a rug. Goodwill had been a huge disappointment and as we strolled into the furniture store, Amber clearly thought I had lost my mind. She knew I was shopping on the cheap and could not figure my tactic out.

The salesman approached us, all giddy with the thought of commissions to come. I clearly burst his bubble when I asked to see the scratch and dent and discontinued items. We were left to our own devices in the huge basement. The prices dropped the further into the bowels of the building we ventured. I spied two rugs rolled up in the farthest corner. One green, one red. looked like they were probably discontinued displays.

I went to fetch the salesman. Totally disinterested in anything I would be purchasing he passed me off to another unsuspecting salesman. We went to the rugs and he dramatically unfurled the red one. Wool, he announced proudly. I asked how much and he asked how much I wanted to spend. I was honest. Told him that Gramma did not have deep pockets and wanted to stay as low as possible.

He hemmed and hawed and wanted over $100. I asked about the synthetic green one and was quoted $50. As We looked longingly at the red one, he decided to go "check to see what he could do". We waited patiently and he came back and told me he would part with both rugs for $50 each. I said, "We will take the red one." I was fully aware that he wanted me to purchase both rugs, but, what could he do?

It was gratifying to teach a 24 year old how to bargain! I doubt I could have gotten another deal out of that salesman. I would have offered him $25 for the inferior rug, but I knew when to quit.

Oh, and I managed to drive the RV with nary a problem. Well, not with driving. My problem was in the form of a little red dog with short legs. He was insistent that he be allowed to ride in my lap and look out the window. I was equally determined that he ride in the back with the black dog with short legs. Baby gate to the rescue.

That baby gate had to be reinforced with a wooden shelf on the long trip home .........


Val said...

Such a bargainer! I wish I had taken you refrigerator shopping with me!

Linda O'Connell said...

Hubby embarrasses his daughter when he wheels and deals. ..always with good results.