Friday, June 27, 2014


Check out my lilies. More have bloomed since I snapped this. Many things have happened since I took this picture .......

Last weekend I trudged out to the dog park, determined to mow it. The mower had other ideas. I mowed the perimeter and the mower quit. It does that sometimes. I checked the oil and of course I had just put gas in it. I flipped it up and cleaned all the grass stuck under it. Still, not starting. You just have to let it sit until it gets good and ready.

Not to be outdone by a mower, I attacked the weeds and the vines trying to take over the trees again. It was early and everything was still wet with dew. I got wet as I pulled and stacked up the debris, then loaded it on my golf cart to be disposed of. My time is short on weekends and it was time to open the store before I knew it.

Did I consider the fact that I was pulling VINES? Did I go immediately to the shower and wash  myself as I should after a good weeding? No, I went about my business and did not shower until that evening. I apparently came into contact with poison whatever and now I have a rash on my right abdomen, right wrist, left foot and the top of my left hand. Insane itching. My own fault!

Since being in the sun intensifies the itching, I have been working on new signs for the sites. I made 22 so far. I was super busy with swimmers the day I painted the numbers on. I was laying them out to put polyurethane on them when I thought something did not look right ..... See it? Maybe I should re-do that one.

Now I must go mow that dog park again. I will ignore the vines this time and shower when I am done. Another weekend looms large.


ellen abbott said...

I am allergic to poison ivy and here at the house it's not a big deal to dig up the brand new little sprouting plants from seed that the birds poop out but the new shop across the street has massive amounts of well established poison ivy on the back fence and trees at the property line. no way am I even getting close to that.

Joanne Noragon said...

You had to point it out to me; my brain just assumed a lazy 2.
Parts of our yard are impenetrable--poison ivy.

Val said...

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that was 5a. You know what happens when we assume.

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you can get rid of that itch. I am so allergic to poison vines, too. Your lilies are beautiful. I don't; see the mistake. Should it be 65?

joanne said...

yikes, me thinks you got hacked. Your lillies are gorgeous, mine are barely out of the ground. I'm not holding much hope for flowers here this year. weird weather woes.