Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Am Feeling Positively Negative

Despite me intention to have a more positive attitude today ....... well, let's just say that circumstances have conspired to bring out my less than pleasant qualities.

Things started out okay. I had my coffee uninterrupted and then went out to start my day. The bathrooms awaited my attention and weren't too bad. There was an event in the ladies room that defies explanation, but I won't get into that. You really don't want details, trust me.

After the cleaning and trash emptying, I grabbed the mower and started mowing. I had barely carved out one row when the phone in my pocket beckoned to me. A reservation, so a good interruption. Back to the job of mowing and I managed to get all the areas around my young trees done on one side of the sidewalk. I like a wide swath around my trees. He Who mows has been known to simply mow them down. I was intent on getting the entire area around the pool prepped for the big mower, but another phone reservation interrupted me.

By now, it is really getting hot outside and I am anxious to get done before I have to open the store at 11. No such luck. Swimmers began arriving at 10:30. Thirty precious minutes would have made a huge difference. But, I stopped, resigned to opening early. I had planned to mow until 10:45 and then grab a quick cold shower. What is they say about the best laid plans?

Still determined to have a positive outlook as I stand literally dripping with sweat, I paste a happy expression on my face.  Still longing for a shower I continue checking in swimmers and selling snacks and cold drinks. I was pulling it off until I was asked what it was like to live here at a campground and "be on vacation all the time". Really. I can only imagine my expression as I asked the man if I looked like I was on vacation.

I forgot about it and went about my business, all the while wishing for a thunderstorm. I finally closed at 8 and went outside to do some gardening in the relative cool of the evening. I hooked the little trailer to my golf cart and was busy loading mulch when the phone rang. The caller wanted He Who knows about electricity. I honestly didn't know if he had returned from his trip to procure more fuel to feed the mower, but told him that he was not here. "Well, we are trying to check in here and I don't know what kind of power this RV takes." He went on telling me how he had just bought it and I cut him off, telling him I would be there in a minute.

Annoyed that I was losing light and still had two buckets to fill, I went to front of the park. There sat very old Class A motor home. I was pretty sure it was 30 amp, but asked if the plug had 3 prongs or 4 prongs. The man looked up from the registration form he was filling out with painful determination. I had been intent on viewing this RV, wondering what could have possessed someone to actually pay money for it.

I recognize the man and my stomach starts to churn. I fervently hope he is not thinking to park this here and LIVE in it. Upon hearing my query about the number of prongs on his plug he walks over to me and gets close enough that I am feeling violated. "Well, it did have 3 prongs. 'Til we drug it off down the road." I see that a woman is with him. She has taken over the registration form on the hood of her car.

Might as well get right to it, I think to myself and ask how many nights they will need the site. I am all set to reject the request to "live in it" and am told "only one night". The woman tells me she just purchased it and wants to "check it out" and "clean it up". I am confused. How will they do this with no cord to plug it in? The man tells me he has a friend with a cord. I didn't wonder aloud, it was like he read my mind.

I open the store again, since she wants to use a credit card. My dogs are not happy. I think they sense my reluctance to have these folk stay here. I see my VW pulling into the park and I am so excited to turn this transaction over to He Who never seems to be here when ne'er-do-wells are here.

I am being peppered with questions about fuses and I excuse myself to demand that He Who looks to be in a hurry to tow, make himself available to answer fuse questions. I finally get them out of the store and on their way to the site. I situate my unhappy canines and rush back out in time to see that the light has faded away and will not reappear again until morning. I managed to accomplish absolutely nothing.

I finally got that shower and was sitting here catching up on my favorite blogs when the phone rang. It was 9:58. Now, what are the odds it is my latest check-in? I was thinking this as I answered. It was.

"Yeah, we just pulled in and got a campground from you. Have you got the cord we need?" Took them about an hour to figure out that they could not actually plug the RV in without a cord. I answer in the negative. "I seen them hanging on your wall." he says stubbornly. Like I am withholding merchandise from him. I assure him that I do not sell the cords he is referring to. I know every item in the store. I put it there. I considered stocking the cords, but they are quite expensive and I doubted that I would have the need to sell them very often, if ever. "No, I seen them on the hook behind your counter. We need one." 

What he is referring to are adaptors for 50 amp to 30 amp. They are not for sale, we use them when the park is full and we are left with only 50 amp sites to park people. I briefly considered trying to explain this, but just told him that he needed to go to a RV dealer to get what he needed and hung up. 

The dogs have returned from their nightly pee-pee time and I am going to bed now .........without the phone.


Linda O'Connell said...

You have every right to throw something at the next person who bugs you.

Val said...

I can picture that three-prong plug dragging down the road. It makes me want to laugh maniacally.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I couldn't do it, I could actually picture all of that interaction with he and she who drag cord down road and I just couldn't do it....

He who tows should buy you dinner. :)