Monday, June 30, 2014

The Phone Does Ring

I know I have mentioned the need to carry the phone wherever I go. I even take it into the bathroom when I grab a quick shower, knowing that some folks will not leave a message. They will simply call my competitor and stay there.

I always have the handset in the cup holder of the golf cart. I always answer when it rings, even though I am sometimes a little out of range and have to high tail closer to the building. People have told me to forward it to my cell ..... Might work fine, but I usually have no idea where my cell is. I have to call it to find it. Not to mention having to remember to un-forward it ......

The one place I refuse to take the phone is my bedroom. I can still hear it at night. It still wakes me, but I can wait for the message and listen for a familiar family voice before going back to sleep.

If I happen to be up with my old-man dog, Oscar, I might hit re-dial just to annoy the caller who has annoyed me. I was on just such a mission when I decided to listen to the after midnight message on the machine. The caller waits patiently for the prompt that tells you to leave a message, then asks "Hello, is the Graham state park?" and  waits expectantly for an answer. Then says, "Sorry, I must have the wrong number."

How did she know she had the wrong number? No one answered her question. Well, not after she asked it. The prompt says that you have reached Kan-Do Kampground. Why even ask that question when it has already been answered?

I ponder these things as I try to fall back into a peaceful slumber. The call this morning at 7:15 was no less frustrating. Most businesses don't open until 9, some at 8. I am a lot nicer to talk to after a couple of cups of coffee. This caller wanted to know the cost of a site. I can recite this in my sleep. But, no, she wanted to know the exact cost for 3 nights, plus tax and some extra people. That knowledge is not stored in my brain. I told her the per night cost of the site and the per night cost of the extra people and figured she could do the math herself. That seemed to be beyond her capabilities and I had to open the office and grab a calculator.

After all that, she didn't even make a reservation. She wanted to think about it. Maybe the deal breaker was telling her that her children would not be allowed to set of their own fireworks on their site. As the holiday weekend approaches the calls will get more interesting, I am sure. There is always one requesting a secluded site. I would suggest that you stay home if you are seeking seclusion.

If you are seeking a fun weekend come on out to Kan-Do. Saturday will feature a golf cart parade, followed by a picnic in the park. We will provide the burgers and hotdogs, buns and condiments. Bring a dish and join us. No fuss required, a bag of chips will do fine. If you want to show off your culinary skills, I will be at the ready with a plate and fork. Desserts are my favorite and I think should be eaten first. I will volunteer to give them all a taste test before you eat! When darkness is approaching, grab a chair, a blanket, or a golf cart and meet in the big field on this side of the pond to enjoy the fireworks. 

He Who loves danger will be on the other side of the pond with the explosives. There are always a few brave(?) pyromaniacs who will join him. I will be on this side, cell phone in hand, ready to dial 911 should the necessity arise. Family fun.  


Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh, I don't camp, but I sure would like to come out to your 4th of July party. I'd be happy to bring a few dishes to share. Then watch the fireworks from across the pond. That sounds lovely. Just wish I lived closer, I'd be right over.

Joanne Noragon said...

I know people were not always so dense. I recall planning my week to accommodate the fact many businesses were not open on the weekend, or after five, for crying out loud. We've made them all a bunch of wimps.

Val said...

I think He-Who needs to be on patrol, making sure the scofflaws are not setting off fireworks. Not everyone is going to ask.

joanne said...

that sounds like fund, and a lot of work for you. I'm sure they will be out in full force by the weekend. best wishes with that.