Friday, June 20, 2014

Wishing The Week was Over

Friday is here. It has been a miserable week for me. The only highlight being the two nests of Killdeer hatching and watching the babies run around on the ground. I held two of them, much to the dismay of the male parent. Hilde accepts my presence more than Henry does. The other set of parents are new and the male of that set was a little confrontational. He stood his ground and fussed at me the entire time I inspected his nest.

It has been hot and humid. This seems to bring out the less than favorable qualities in everyone ....... including me. My tolerance for stupidity is at an all-time low. Just because you pay to swim doesn't give you the right to destroy property.

My tree-stump wedge I cleverly painted to look like a giant slice of watermelon was defaced. I knew it would not last forever, but that doesn't mean it should fall victim to someone with a pointy object and vandalism on his mind. I say "he" because the chunks of the "rind" removed were then taken into the men's room and distributed all over the floor, the toilet (inside and out) and the weapon (a piece of 2 X 4, with a pointed piece jutting off) laying on the floor. Why would that be fun? If it was a small child, why was he not being supervised?

Late yesterday afternoon I knew I was at the end of my rope when I told the gentleman on the phone to "shut-up and listen to me". He had called for directions, but kept interrupting me to tell me what his GPS was doing. I was really surprised when he showed up and stayed.

Today is not looking good. I don't open until 11 am. I cherish that time in the morning when I can get some gardening done in relative peace. The phone is my constant companion, but that goes with the territory. People see me and people stop me. This morning a camper was sitting there when I tried to sneak out the front door. Before 9 am. Check-in is any time AFTER NOON. If you are traveling (as these folks said they were), you can't have gone very far by 9 am, can you? They even inquired about the check-out time and I should have told them 9 am, but I had consumed only 2 cups of coffee and wasn't at my sharpest. They wondered if they would be ready to go by noon.

It was supposed to rain yesterday and I needed the break from people, but we only had a brief shower. It was overcast and the sky was rumbling when I closed up shop and went out to finish my mowing. I saw lightning in the distance and then had to holler at some swimmers to get out of the water, though I have to admit I wanted to keep my mouth shut and tempt fate .......

Now as I sit here scratching ant bites on my back with a long handled serving spoon, I realize I am not fit to be greeting folks today. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.


Val said...

Serve them up some free watermelon with that serving spoon!

Travels with Emma said...

I guess I have to ask why you are in this business. Does it ever give you joy?

ellen abbott said...

I can see a kid whacking at it because that's what kids do, specifically boy kids, but taking the pieces into the bathroom? what is up with people and bathrooms that they get such joy out of making them unusable?

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh Kathy, I can hear you know trying to find balance to not repeat what you said tot he camper on the phone :) I imagine it requires a lot to have a business such as yours. I always thought I'd like to own a bed and breakfast. Not so much anymore. Hope the weekend brings you a bit of relief.