Tuesday, June 24, 2014


My last post had a comment that has given me pause. The comment asks if my "job" brings me any joy. I have given much thought to that lately as I go about my days.

While it is true that a certain percentage of my daily contacts annoy, irritate, baffle and sometimes enrage me; most of my encounters are pleasant and do bring me much joy. We have met wonderful, generous and thoughtful people in the last 10 years. Some are part of our lives for a short time, while others have been with us for the duration and have become dear friends. 

My friends get me through the rough times with their steady support and love. They inspire me to keep putting one step in front of the other when I am overwhelmed, as I have been lately. My sweet Nan cooked my dinner and Barb delivered it to my desk Saturday night.  I have stuck my hand in the drop box before and found sweet notes with money tucked inside ....... always anonymous, leaving me to ponder who it may have been. Seems like every time I think about just giving up, my family of close friends or a perfect stranger will pull me back up.

Not extraordinary, these things, just life. That being said ......... it is the outrageous acts of those who enrage me that inspires me to write. I suppose it is a way to vent and get all those feelings out. For the most part, I enjoy doing what I do. Fatigue and the acts of idiots sometimes overwhelms me and I have to vent. 

You have to admit, it does give you food for thought.

My joy is my gardens. Nothing quite so satisfying as walking out every morning and seeing the blooms I have worked so hard to make happen. So, in answer to that question; yes, I do have joy in my life.


Joanne Noragon said...

You make me remember when I worked with the public. There were ratty little children, but I believe I remember more of the wonderful ones. As for the horrible adults, there are half a dozen incidents that I can bring to mind, but if that's all in thirty years, good for us.
Keep on keeping on.

Val said...

If you can't vent on your very own personal blog, then where CAN you vent? I understand 100%. What a boring blogland it would be if everybody raved about rainbows and unicorns every day!

People who don't like what I have to say don't have to read me. I think some folks get joy from needling others.

Linda O'Connell said...

I tend to enjoy your rants :) Keep on blogging.

Kathy G said...

Stories of campers behaving badly are VERY interesting :-)

Unknown said...

I had cringed when I read that comment as I understood that you were venting. BUT, I really like your response! I find I cope better when I spend a bit of time thinking about that which I am thankful for and that which makes me happy.
I do love your stories about obnoxious campers -- they make me feel so virtuous! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Terry and I love to watch the English show, 'Doc Martin," about a very proper doctor who has been dispatched to Cornwall because he can no longer be a surgeon due to a blood phobia. The village in which he practices is made up of the oddest assortment of people. He tends to call them, to their face, 'idiot.'

Terry and I have started using that term, not to their face though, when people do something so stupid that it begs explanation. That's how I feel with your 'idiot' campers.

Travels with Emma said...

I certainly did not intend to offend or needle you with my comment. I enjoy your writing about your trials and tribulations, but I'm also happy to see that you do find joy in what you do.

Unknown said...

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