Monday, October 25, 2021

I Predict My Bad Mood!

My fabric sale went well, I suppose. Problem is that there is still a lot of fabric left. I had 3 ladies come while I was still getting everything out and in some kind of order. Did not faze them and they shopped around me. I sold my sewing machine, over 150 patterns and the storage cabinets along with about 100 yards of fabric, along with a few other items before noon. Dragged after that, but about 50 more yards left. Then a storm announced it's intention and HeWho helped me get it all back in.

He didn't help take it out, he did offer to help, half-heartedly. I denied his help. He does not follow directions well. He did complain that I has "slammed" the storm door over 100 times while he was "resting his eyes". I did not slam anything. I simply let the door close behind me as I went out with both arms full! I will do it all again next Saturday, all the while scheming to pack up some more fabric and label the box as something else. If it sells, I wasn't meant to keep it, but if it doesn't ... that is a different story!

I woke up Sunday aching all over, sore throat, dizzy and just felt awful. I took the day off. Sort of. The dishes from the weekend were still there awaiting my attention and I took care of them and I was not nice about it. I threw a roast in the instant pot and tried to sneak away to my bed. The dogs somehow knew I was in there and sat at the gate in the hall crying and crying. For over an hour. I waited to see if the man in the recliner would make any attempt to calm them other than yelling at them to shut up. And he wonders why they prefer me to him!

I gave up and got up and told him the roast was his dinner, to choose any combo of leftover vegetables he wanted and I ate some rubbery jello I made last week. I still felt horrible, sudden noises bothered me and I did not want to be touched. 

Eddie kept trying to get in my lap and Mr. BoJangles kept climbing the back of the couch to march across my shoulders and insinuate himself between my face and the TV. If he would have simply chosen a spot to lay on my shoulders, I could have handled it. But he is in constant motion and kept trying to stick his tongue in my ear and up my nose.

I finally swatted his hind end and went to bed. Cujo and Eddie tunnel under the covers and then lay still. Toni Louise insinuates herself between our pillows at the head of the bed, but Bo has to try every vacant inch of the bed. My stomach was hurting and he kept treating it like a pillow to lay on. Even when he finally sleeps he is prone to doggie dreams and his legs jerk and he whines. 

I did manage a somewhat decent amount of sleep. Yesterday I was cold. That ended at some point in the night, as I woke in a puddle of sweat. I stripped the bed and decided it smelled like essence of wet dog. I toyed with thoughts of bathing the canines, but vetoed that idea. I just don't have the stamina to get it done. Oh, what did you say? No, HeWho is not a bather of dogs. He tends not to rinse all the shampoo out and Eddie's allergies make that a necessity of life. He might have just sprayed them all with Febreeze and told me he bathed them. I know him well!

In between rest periods I started sorting through my linen closet. I found all manner of things expired. Cepacol lozenges didn't have a date on them, but I can assure you they are no longer good. I really regret popping it in my mouth! The medicine cabinet is looking bare and tomorrow I will start packing up the towels, leaving only 4 to use until we move. The boxes are starting to pile up as I make progress. Supposed to be a nice tomorrow and I plan to go outside to see how much progress has been made by HeWho procrastinates. I predict my own disappointment .....



River said...

it's a shame you are left with so much fabric, perhaps you could do a giveaway? Like buy five yards and get an extra one free? Or lump together all the smaller pieces and offer them for a couple of dollars? Offer the entire stack to a quilting club?

Anonymous said...

Sending streams of positive energy your way. It's all wrapped in empathy and sympathy, tied with ribbons of peace and patience--topped with a bow of wonder.

Give it at least twelve hours to get there. It's coming from Texas. :)

Linda O'Connell said...

Hope you feel better. Youa re on a count down now. I keep leaving comments, but my blog is still not allowing me to post.