Monday, September 13, 2021


It was a quiet weekend. I made great headway in the office and purged all the files of unnecessary paperwork and personal stuff. Moved on to my sewing room. I could easily become overwhelmed in there, but I have zoned the room and am handling just one zone at a time.

The mindless folding and stacking of fabric is soothing. I am measuring the cotton prints in hopes of selling them to a quilting establishment nearby really cheap! I have lots of fabric. So far I have measured out 137 yards and not made a dent in my fabric stash. These are what is commonly referred to as "good" yards. 

Last time I bought fabric at Joann's, they measured inches!  Back when I was working in fabric, if the end of the bolt had an extra couple of inches after I measured out what the customer wanted, I just let them have it. Nothing you can do with a tiny slice of fabric. The person measuring at Joann's said I had to pay for the extra 2" and that I had to take it.

It was a man and he was more than a little perturbed when I insisted that he call the manager over. He discovered that he was wrong about making me take and pay for 2 extra inches. They cut it off, those 2 inches and threw it in the trash can. I suppose to make a point. A crowd had gathered by then and everyone close to my age applauded that I refused to pay for what I didn't need and then agreed that it was stupid to throw something away rather than garner a little good will.

 The weather has me longing to be outside and it is hard to stay on task. Hard, not impossible. I sent HeWho buys duplicate tools out to choose one of the FOUR giant rolling tool chests and to fill it with his tools that he will be taking. I warned him NOT to pack duplicate tools. I have not gone out there to see what he has managed to do. Perhaps I should, because he seems to be inside a lot .... resting on a "break". I could do it myself, but my plate is full taking care of my own stuff.

Nobody likes to move, but it can be done in an organized manner.  Unfortunately, my huband seems to be lacking in that particular skill. In the meantime, I will be frantically PURGING!



Joanne Noragon said...

One box at a time, Kathy. One box at a time. Remember to label them so you can lay your hands on the toothbruhes.

Anonymous said...

Back when I worked in the fabric department, I sold "piece goods" and notions. I was promoted to department head, which included making decisions about customer perks such as discounts, when warranted. We always gave the customer those extra inches at the end of a bolt. Why throw them away? The customer always left thinking they'd gotten such a great bargain.

River said...

I love the purging part of moving, knowing that I will have less to unpack at the other end.
If a woman had been selling you that fabric, she would have let you have the two inches free of charge. Throwing that away is just so wasteful.

ellen abbott said...

so, you have a sale pending?

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Purging can feel good
Talk about being a tightass regarding the material